Super Trainer Potty Seat Review

Bunny is potty trained but transitioning from her little potty to the big potty was a problem. A big problem. I was tired of cleaning her pee and poo out of her little potty. She preferred her little potty but I was more than ready for her to move to the big potty. The only problem was, she did NOT want to sit on the big potty. I tried the traditional rings that go inside the big seat to create a little seat. She liked them when we were out, but when we were home, she wanted nothing to do with them.


The Super Trainer by I Got Your Back was the perfect solution. The Super Trainer is a neat device that makes the opening of the toilet smaller. It is adjustable which allows Super Trainer to grow with your child.

The Super Trainer goes underneath your toilet seat, in between the rim and the toilet seat. Super Trainer has a curved back giving your child support so they don’t feel like they will fall into the potty. Super Trainer can be used near the front of the toilet or all the way at the back. Super Trainer has non skid pads which prevent it from slipping when your child is using it.

To install your Super Trainer simply lift up the seat on your toilet, set down your Super Trainer and put the seat back down. Adjust to your child’s body! Easy peasy.

Bunny loves her Super Trainer. She can sit on the big potty confidently. She no longer fears she will fall in. I love that Super Trainer is easy to install and take off. I also love that Super Trainer is adjustable. As Bunny gets bigger I can move Super Trainer farther back. This allows Bunny to always feel comfortable and confident on the potty. I am happy to say our little potty has left the house! Thank youSuper Trainer!

You can purchase your Super Trainer online for $24.95. If you hurry you can get yours now for $17.99 with free prime shipping!

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