Super Baby Food Book Review

Baby Sister is approaching the age where it is okay to introduce solid foods, 6 months. I have started thinking about what we are going to feed her. I know we would rather not feed her processed baby food, as we try to avoid as much processed food as possible in our house. I have done some research and have found the Super Baby Food Book. The Super Baby Food Book is an amazing book that gives you recipes, ideas and information about feeding not only your baby but your toddler and adults as well!

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The Super Baby Food Book gives you the recommended age you should start feeding baby (6 months) and what food you should feed baby. The Super Baby Food Book tells you how to prepare baby’s food, how to store it and how long it is good for. The Super Baby Food Book allows you to save money by buying fresh food, which is much cheaper than buying processed baby food. The Super Baby Food Book shows you how to feed baby nutritious food right from the start!

The Super Baby Food Book gives you information about common allergies, which is very important to know when offering food to baby. The Super Baby Food Book also gives you a list of fruits and vegetables and tells you the nutritional values, cooking instructions and how to prepare and store these foods.

The Super Baby Food Book has recommended schedules of how much and what kinds of food to feed baby. The Super Baby Food Book has templates and worksheets for you to use when planning baby’s weekly meals and snacks. The Super Baby Food Book does not only cover purees but also covers finger foods, self feeding and introducing a sippy cup and water.

I am very impressed with the information in The Super Baby Food Book. The Super Baby Food Book is not only about choosing, preparing, storing and feeding your baby. The Super Baby Food Book has tips and recipes for toddlerhood and beyond! The Super Baby Food Book has over 350 recipes for both babies and toddlers. I love that the Super Baby Food Book has lots of ways to add nutrition to just about every food. These ideas are great for Baby Sister, Bunny and the entire family! I love learning how to enhance our food.

The Super Baby Food Book has A TON of recipes, for baby food and for toddler dinners and snacks. I LOVE how many recipes there are! I have made a few of these toddler recipes for the whole family and they are a major hit. I love being able to make healthy, yummy meals for my family. One of my favorite recipes is the whole wheat crepes. So delicious! I also love all the cracker recipes. This has shown me I can make my own crackers, saving me money and giving my toddler a healthy snack! From breakfast foods to deserts, you will find so many great recipes that sound yummy for you and your family.

The Super Baby Food Book is a great resource for going green in my house. In the Super Baby Food Book there are tips and tricks on what to use and how to clean my house without harsh chemicals. I love the “recipes” for green cleaning solutions and supplies. The Super Baby Food Book is a comprehensive book not only about feeding your baby and toddler but also about eliminating chemicals from your home. The Super Baby Food Book is useful well beyond the baby food stage.

You can purchase your Super Baby Food Book online for $19.95. This is such a great book! You can use this book for years! This book will not be leaving my house anytime soon.

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