Stonz Wear Rain Boots Review

It is the rainy season and Bunny is loving it! Bunny loves to wear her Stonz Rain Boots and splash around in the puddles. Stonz Rain Boots are made of 100% all natural rubber and are durable and tear resistance. Stonz Rain Boots are flexible and seem very comfortable for Bunny. Stonz Rain Boots are PVC free, phthalate free, lead free and formaldehyde free, which is very hard to find. Most rain boots are made with these yucky toxic chemicals. I love that Bunny’s feet can be nice and dry without having to expose her to chemicals. Stonz Rain Boots are lined with 100% cotton, which help keep little toes nice and warm.


Stonz Rain Boots are flexible and allow Bunny to run and play without tripping over her feet. Bunny has good traction with Stonz Rain Boots. Stonz Rain Boots are very lightweight. They provide comfort and protection without all the weight.  She is able to jump and run and play without falling down while wearing her Stonz Rain Boots. Some boots we have tried on were too clunky for Bunny and did not allow her the mobility she is used to. Stonz Rain Boots gives Bunny’s feet protection from the cold and keep her from getting wet while allowing her to run around like the 2 year old she is.


Stonz Rain Boots have a nice wide opening making it easy for Bunny to put on by herself.  This makes me happy and makes Bunny feel very independent. Some of the rain boots we have tried on were very hard to put on. Most of the rain boots Bunny needed my help, but not Stonz Rain Boots. Bunny loves to put her Stonz Rain Boots on all by herself!

Stonz Rain Boots come in a variety of colors. The current colors are purple, green, blue, pink, black and yellow. You can buy Stonz Rain Boots online for $35.99.  Stonz Rain Boots are available in sizes toddler size 4 through youth size 4.


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