Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker Review

Bunny LOVES food pouches. As you know, I do not love processed food pouches. I do, however, love homemade food in reusable food pouches. Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker is an eco friendly reusable food pouch. Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker is made from 100% Food Grade Non-Toxic Materials and is BPA, PVC, Phthalate Free. Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker comes in a 3.5 ounce size, a 6 ounce size and a 16 ounce sports size. We received the 6 ounce size.


Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker is great for yogurt, applesauce, smoothies, baby food, purees and water and other liquids. Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker has a unique 2 in 1 removable No Spill Insert. The No Spill Insert allows your Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker to have a free flow or a spill free flow. This makes Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker great for babies, toddler and children!

Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker can be used as a food pouch or as a sippy cup. When the No Spill Inset is being used with Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker, liquids can be served with no spills. If you squeeze the Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker, it will squirt out whatever is in it. If you turn Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker over without squeezing it, nothing will come out.

Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker has a nice big opening which makes it easy to fill. I can easily fit a regular spoon as well as a baby spoon inside the Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker opening. I love how soft and malleable the Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker is. We have tried other reusable food pouches and love the Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker. Bunny can get almost all of the food in the Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker because of how malleable it is. Some of the other reusable food pouches leave a lot of food behind. With Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker Bunny or I can roll it up and/or squeeze it enough to get all the delicious food out. This makes Bunny VERY happy. I appreciate this because 1. I don’t have a sad child because there is still food in the pouch but she can’t get to it, and 2. we are not wasting any food.

I love how easy Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker is to clean. All the pieces are dishwasher safe. There are no hard areas to clean. I love that Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker can be turned inside out so I know every inch is clean.  I can toss Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker in the dishwasher and feel confident it will be completely 100% clean.


You can buy Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker online for $14.99 (6 ounces), $12.99 (3.5 ounces) and $19.99 (16 ounces) with free shipping! Squeasy Gear Squeasy Snacker currently comes in three colors, green, aqua and pink.


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