Spectra S2 Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Spectra is another great breast pump company. I have heard about the Spectra S2 Double Electric Breast Pump from a few friends and was excited to be able to try it out. The Spectra S2 is a hospital grade breast pump!


Spectra S2 is a closed system breast pump which means there is a barrier between the milk and the tubing. This barrier makes sure milk never touches the tubing and in turn never enters the motor, making sure your milk stays clean and pure. The back flow protector is a separate piece from the pump body. I really love this design. There is practically zero chance of milk getting into the tubing. Because of this, I do not have to clean the tubing on the Spectra S2. Less cleaning means more time with my babies.

The Spectra S2 comes with the pump motor, a BPA free collection kit (standard 24 mm flanges, 2 tubing, 2 back flow protectors, 2 hygienic silicone duck bill valves, two collection bottles, 2 bottle caps, 2 bottle stands) and a power AC cord. Spectra S2 does not have the ability to use batteries, it must be plugged in at all times.

Spectra S2 is a double breast pump which means you can pump both breasts at once. There is the option to pump one breast at a time. To assemble the Spectra S2 you first assemble the back flow part. To do this you take the membrane piece and secure it to one side of the back flow. It will only attach securely to one side. Then you put the back piece on top and insert the assembled back flow into the pump body. Next you insert the duck bill into the bottom part of the pump body. Screw on your bottle, attach the tubing to the back flow and you are ready to go! If you would like to pump both breasts at once you attach both of the tubing to the pump motor. If you would like to pump one breast at a time, you attach one tubing to the pump motor and insert the white cap on the other space of the pump tubing. It is important to insert this white cap or you will not achieve full suction.

Once you have the Spectra S2 pump parts assembled you are ready to pump! There is a pink power button on the front of the Spectra S2. Press this button and the motor will start pumping. In the middle of the Spectra S2, right above the power button is the massage mode button. This button makes the cycles go quickly to trigger a letdown. When I turn my Spectra S2 on, I push this button. Once I have a letdown I push this button again to turn the massage mode off. On the left side of the Spectra S2 are the cycle buttons. You can adjust the cycle to be quicker or slower. On the right side of the Spectra S2 are the vacuum adjustments. On the far right side of the Spectra S2 there is another pink button. This pink button is for the light. If you push this button once, a light on the inside of the handle turns on. Push this button once more and the light will become brighter. Push this button a third time and the light turns off.


The Spectra S2 has 12 suction levels and 5 cycle levels. The suction levels allow you to choose how much suction you would like. The cycle levels allow you to choose how quickly or slowly you would like the suction to be. The Spectra S2 does have a massage mode that is similar to when a baby first starts nursing with shallow, quick sucks. This stimulates the letdown.

the three wiggly lines in the top left corner let you know you are in massage mode

The Spectra S2 has a few unique and very useful features. There is a timer on the Spectra S2 which is incredibly useful. This allows me to see how long I have been pumping. This is a must for me. The timer will stop at 30 minutes and automatically turn the Spectra S2 off. The Spectra S2 also has a night light for those middle of the night pumps. There are two levels of light and the light is very easy to turn on and off. The Spectra S2 also has a nice shape that includes a carrying handle. I can easily pick this up and carry it around.

level one light
level one light

The suction on the Spectra S2 is great! The suction seems to be gentle and very effective. I can pump with the Spectra S2 for 30 minutes and not feel sore, however I rarely need to pump for 30 minutes with the Spectra S2. I generally only pump for 15 minutes with this pump.

level two light
level two light

The Spectra S2 is relatively quiet. I would feel very comfortable using the Spectra S2 around people. I have used the Spectra S2 while on the phone and have not felt like the noise was super loud as to disturb my conversation.

You can purchase your Spectra S2 online for $259.99. There are accessories you can purchase as well, like a carrying tote.

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6 thoughts on “Spectra S2 Double Electric Breast Pump Review”

  1. Love that is has a timer (I actually didn’t know that and I’ve been researching the Spectra’s for a while!), also love how adjustable it is with so many speeds and suction strengths.

  2. When I put the backflow protector together it feels like it isn’t totally together. It seems to come apart easily. Did I do it wrong?

    1. I try to make sure the white piece is securely on the smaller clear piece before I put the larger clear piece on them. I squeeze them together. They do come apart fairly easily. As long as they are together securely when pumping and you dont feel like you are losing any suction you should be good.

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