Sophia la Giraffe Bandana Review

Baby Sister is in full blown teething mode. This means her shirt is always wet due to her drool. I can’t imagine that is comfortable so I have set out to find a solution. The Sophia la Giraffe Bandana will keep Baby Sister’s shirt and  neck dry and looks cute!


The Sophia la Giraffe Bandana is not only a bandana it is also a teether! On the side of the bandana is an outline of Sophie la Giraffe’s head. This teether is made of natural rubber and is perfect for a teething baby. Baby Sister likes to chew on the teether. I think the teether would feel lovely on a baby’s gums. It is soft yet firm at the same time. It is bouncy but still gives the firm pressure babies seek when they are teething.

The Sophia la Giraffe Bandana is adjustable allowing the perfect fit every time. Both Baby Sister (11 months old) and Bunny (3 years old) can wear the Sophia la Giraffe Bandana. There is velcro on the back of the Sophia la Giraffe Bandana which allows it to be adjusted easily. One side of the velcro, the soft side, is long which allows for the bandana to be adjusted to fit a smaller neck or a larger neck. The scratchy side of the velcro is small which is nice as it will not scratch baby anytime.

The great thing about the Sophia la Giraffe Bandana is the size. Baby Sister hates wearing a bib when she is not eating. Most bibs get in the way of crawling, playing with toys and many other activities. The triangle shape keeps Baby Sister’s neck and shirt dry without getting in the way of her legs or arms. Baby Sister barely notices she is wearing the Sophia la Giraffe Bandana!

You can buy your Sophia la Giraffe Bandana online for $14.60. The Sophia la Giraffe Bandana comes in two colors, pink and blue.

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