Something Exciting is happening!

Something Exciting is happening! We are having a baby! Baby Sister won’t be the baby anymore! It was not planned but this baby is well loved already! Bunny is SUPER excited. She tells everyone about the baby. She tells me often that she loves our baby. It is so incredibly sweet to see how excited she is about having another sibling!

One of my friends was TTC and told me her period was due so she took a test. The test was positive! I jokingly told her my period was due the next day, how funny would it be if we were pregnant together. I took a test the next day and SURPRISE! We are pregnant together!

When this baby is born Bunny will be 4 and Baby Sister will be 2. I like that spacing if I do say so myself. I am so excited to be pregnant again, I LOVE being pregnant! I am also excited to have another home birth! This journey is just beginning and I can not wait!

Right now I am 4-5 weeks pregnant. Because I am nursing Baby Sister and have had 3 periods since giving birth to her it is hard to have an exact date. Not that estimated due dates are exact anyway. So far I am not feeling any major effects from being pregnant. I am not nauseated (yet. That normally sets in around 8 weeks with me.) I am not extra tired, I do not think I am extra crabby (you’d have to talk to my husband for the real answer!) I am doing well! I am extra sensitive to scent right now but did not think much about that. The main symptom I have is when I brush my teeth I gag. Happens every time I am pregnant. I do not throw up, I just gag. So far so good! I am looking forward to the next few weeks and hope I can bypass the morning sickness! If I am not so lucky, I do not fear! I have a few morning sickness products I can not wait to try out!


I have known about this pregnancy for 12 hours and have already told my family and close friends. I do not want to keep it a secret for 12 weeks. I kept my other pregnancies a secret until 12 weeks but for some reason I do not feel like doing that this time. Maybe I feel my chances of a miscarriage are slim. Or, if I do miscarry, I will need all the support I can get. Whatever the reason, I will soon be singing from the rooftops! (Sorry neighbors!) Can you tell I am excited?!

Welcome to my pregnancy journey! Check back weekly to see what’s going on! If you are pregnant, let us know how you are feeling!

What do you think?