Soapets a Fun Bath Toy for Kids Review

Bunny is 3 years old and LOVES toys in the bath tub. I don’t love when she takes a baby doll or stuffed animal into the bath tub! Bunny was super excited to receive Soapets, a fun bath toy for kids.


Soapets are super cute! There are currently seven Soapets, a dinosaur, a ladybug, a panda, a turtle, a penguin, a platypus and a dragon. There seems to be a nice variety, every child is sure to love one of these Soapets! We received Fefe the Dragon and Lela the Platypus.


Each Soapet is about 8 inches long. They are the perfect size for splashing around in the tub. Fefe is a super cute purple dragon. The detail on her is lovely. She has a pointy tail, toenails, horns, and wings. I love that each Soapet comes with its own little story book. This story book is a big bubble size and is waterproof! Each book tells that Soapets story. My kids love books and these books didn’t disappoint. They may be little but the stories are nice! Bunny can act out the story with her Soapets.

There is a suction cup on the back of each Soapet which is super handy and convenient. When Bunny is done in the bath tub I can stick her Soapet on the wall to dry! Using your Soapet is easy! I can use our Soapets with a bar of soap or with liquid soap. Each Soapet comes with special sponge. There is a pouch on the front of the Soapets where the sponge or the bar of soap goes. To loosen this pouch I unwind the strings from the back of the Soapet. The string winds around the suction cup to keep the bar of soap or the sponge tightly inside the pouch. Once the string is loosened I can open the pouch and pull out the sponge and insert a bar of soap. Or I can put some liquid soap on the sponge and put it back in the pouch. Then I tighten the pouch and wind the string around the suction cup. Now it is time for bath!

Bunny loves soaping up with her Soapets! Soapets make bath time more fun for her. I love that Soapets help her to wash her entire body with soap, which is sometimes a challenge. I never have to struggle to get her to wash her body when we are using our Soapets. Baby Sister, who is 10 months old, loves playing with our Soapets as well. She doesn’t wash her own body, but she doesn’t fight with me while I was her using our Soapets! Score one for Mama!


I really love that Soapets don’t look like your traditional soft bath toy. Soapets look like a regular stuffed animal. They dry pretty quickly and Bunny always tries to convince me to bring her Soapet out of the bath tub. With Soapets Bunny can play in and out of the bath tub! Soapets would be great for summer time play as well! Bunny loves that this toy can get wet and its not a big deal.


Soapets are machine washable. I like to wash my soapet once or twice a week. I toss it in with my towels and forget about it until Bunny asks for her Soapets!

You can purchase your Soapet online for $14.99. The current Soapets are Dyno the Dinosaur, Mimi the Ladybug, Bobo the Panda, Cici the Turtle, Wis’s the PenguinFefe the Dragon and Lela the Platypus.

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