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When we attended the ABC Kids Expo last October I was excited to find out about a new product, Snuggle Me. I was around 11 weeks pregnant at that time. Snuggle Me is something I was definitely interested in. I was sent a Snuggle Me Organic and could not wait until baby was born to try it! Now that baby is here and has used the Snuggle Me for a few weeks, I can tell you it was worth the wait! I LOVE the Snuggle Me Organic! And so does baby!

Snuggle Me Organic is designed to be a co sleeper, more accurately for bed sharing. This means baby is IN bed with you. Snuggle Me can NOT be used in a crib due to the safe sleep guidelines. Snuggle Me has the perfect design. The outside of Snuggle Me has an outer filled shape similar to a pillow. The unique design of the Snuggle Me is the center sling within the outer shape. The center sling is slightly raised and not padded. This makes such a difference! When baby is set in the Snuggle Me, the Snuggle Me gently hugs and cradles baby. This gives baby the security of the womb and is similar to being held.

Snuggle Me Organic creats a secure fit around baby’s torso, ensuring baby can not roll over. This keeps baby on their back, in the safe sleep position. Snuggle Me also helps with the startle reflex, or MORO, all babies have. When you move baby too quickly they will throw their arms out to the side. Sometimes babies do this in their sleep and it can wake them. Swaddling helps with this reflex, but some babies (like mine) do not like to be swaddled. The Snuggle Me hugs baby and tames the startle reflex.

Fingerly loves his Snuggle Me Organic. I have set him down in other places and he immediately wakes up. When I set him in  his Snuggle Me, he keeps on sleeping. I have used the Snuggle Me from birth. He is now 6 weeks old and still loves it. He is a rather large baby, 14 pounds and 25 inches. The Snuggle Me cradles him perfectly. He is still bunched up and fits wonderfully. Once he gets older his legs can lay on then hang over the end of the Snuggle Me. Snuggle Me is meant to be used up to 6 or so months. Once baby can no longer comfortably fit their body head to bum in the Snuggle Me it is time to transition out.

Snuggle Me is not just for co sleeping. Because of the way Snuggle Me  is designed, during waking hours you can rest baby’s head on the end of the Snuggle Me which can help with acid reflux, makes it perfect for lounging around while awake and during playtime. Snuggle Me can also be used as a changing station, outside to keep baby off the ground, during infant massage and when traveling to give baby a piece of home. Snuggle Me is perfect for newborn photos! Newborn photography is the best!

The Snuggle Me Organic can be machine washed and dried. None of the Snuggle Me’s have flame retardants in them. This keeps chemicals away from baby and allows the Snuggle Me Organic to be machine washable.

The Snuggle Me Organic is made from natural and organic fibers, even the covers. I love that Snuggle Me is made 100% in the USA! There are a few different Snuggle Me’s to choose from. There is the Snuggle Me Wool, Snuggle Me Pure, Snuggle Me Organic (This is the one we have.) and the Snuggle Me Original.

You can purchase your Snuggle Me Organic online for $140. With a cover the You can purchase your Snuggle Me Organic is $156. You can purchase additional covers for $64.

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  1. We bought the Snuggle Me 4 days ago, and my 3 week old baby girl loves it! Your review was spot on. I’m so glad that you noted that it should NOT be used inside of the crib. My husband and I have gone back and forth on this. After much research, it’s clear not to have anything else in the crib but the baby and a fitted sheet. I love your website!

  2. Great review! I am not sure if I missed this, but up to how many months can a baby fit in the snuggle me organic?

  3. $140 seems like a lot of money for… a pillow. Couldn’t you simply make one of these on the sewing machine for a whole lot cheaper!?

    1. These have been tested and is approved in Europe as a safe sleeping space for babies. The USA does not allow babies to sleep in any sort of pillow per safety standards. You could try to make one, but the amount of time it would take to craft the correct shape, size and firmness, along with materials, would cost much more than $140.

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