Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

Sixteen weeks! I am finally not sick! No morning sickness and no real world sickness! I haven’t been sick for a few weeks, knock on wood! I still do not have any cravings which kind of sucks. I want to want to eat all the food! My belly is growing every day. Bunny still insists this is a girl and we should name her Tinker bell or Star-e. She is sad when I tell her neither will be our baby’s name. Baby Sister hugs and kisses my belly, it is cute. She still flops around when she is nursing and is learning to stay away from my baby belly. Nursing is going well. Baby Sister is slowly nursing less and less. Only 2-3 times at night! She actually slept for 12 straight hours the other night! Baby Sister is 20 months old. I don’t plan on weaning her, she can stop when she’s ready. I tandem nursed Bunny and Baby Sister and will do the same with these babies. I have been good about blogging during this pregnancy but have not even started a pregnancy calendar or journal like I did with my other two pregnancies. I feel bad for this baby! It is true that you don’t do as much in the way of photos, scrapbooking and memory keeping for the subsequent babies!


My body is hurting. I overdid it with packing and moving furniture and hurt my hips more than normal. Chiropractic care really helps but doesn’t ease the pain 100%. Oh the joys of a third pregnancy and being older. It doesn’t help that I am chasing around my older kids all day! Little to no weight gain so far, which I am not super happy about. I am nursing and pregnant, mama needs her fat!


I am hopeful that cravings will start soon and I will want to eat everything in sight. It is weird for me not to want to eat. I am loving salads right now, but those are not super filling and I only like them when someone else makes them! I love Tuna fish sandwiches, they are a craving I have had with all three pregnancies but can only eat it once a week.


Cooking meat. This makes it hard to eat protein!

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  1. Smooth sailing after the morning sickness, thats the worst part… well until the birthing process lol! I craved spinach when I was pregnant, it was the weirdest thing!

  2. Happy second trimester with no more yucky feeling! I never had specific cravings my entire pregnancy. Other than, eat all the food because always hungry.

  3. Gosh, it’s been so long since I’ve been pregnant that I’ve forgotten what I craved. Must’ve been milkshakes, because I remember my hubby being surprised when we went through the Jack in the Box drive thru and they asked why I wasn’t getting my usual shake. HAHA!

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m glad you are having morning sickness anymore, knocked on wood as well. My last pregnancy, I was sick almost the whole 9 months. It’s definitely no fun and can suck the joy right out of pregnancy. Good luck momma!

    1. Oh no! I am very lucky I am only sick during the first trimester. I cant imagine being sick the entire time!

  5. Congratulations! I remember feeling sick when cooking meat, too. I loaded up on beans, hemp hearts, tofu, and any other non-meat protein I could. It helped me feel better. Take care of yourself, Mama:)

  6. I had a huge aversion to meat with my second pregnancy. I really needed the protein (twins!) so I had to force myself…or eat a ton of peanut butter, cheese, etc. So glad you are feeling better. Morning sickness is the worst!

  7. I lol’ed on your comment of only wanting salad when someone else makes it! I can definitely relate 🙂
    I’m 24 weeks. I don’t have any cravings either. I didn’t with my first pregnancy (unless you count anything with sugar, because it was forbidden due to gestational diabetes 🙁 ).
    I let Doll stop nursing in her own time too. She only nursed for comfort and before sleep (I don’t think I was actually even producing milk anymore at that point). We ended up ending it when she got a cold and couldn’t latch and when she was all better I didn’t offer to nurse and she didn’t seem to want to. Natural breaking point 🙂

  8. I think your appetite will get stronger in the next few weeks. Right now your body is not into food with all the hormone changes. Congrats and you are doing great. Stretch as much as possible and try to stay friends with your toes. Your back and muscles with thank you.

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