Shaidee Sun Cover Review

Sunscreen is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age. The recommendation is to keep baby out of the sun. Shaidee is the perfect way to stay active without putting baby in the sun’s rays! Shaidee is a lightweight “visor” that fits around your body to protect your baby from the sun. Shaidee is meant to be used when wearing your baby in a wrap, carrier or sling. Shaidee can also be used as a shade source for car seats and strollers.


Shaidee is made from antimicrobial medical grade foam and Quick-Dry bird-eye mesh. This makes Shaidee super light weight! Shaidee weighs a mere 4.5 ounces! Shaidee comes with a handy carrying bag. Shaidee rolls up easily to fit inside this bag making it small and easy to travel with.


Shaidee is super easy to use. Shaidee is one size fits all and is adjustable. Shaidee secures around your back or the back of the car seat or stroller. To put Shaidee on you simply wrap it around your back and secure it! Easy peasy! Shaidee is perfect for umbrella strollers that have NO shade!


You can take a peek at baby while using the Shaidee. To do this, simply pull Shaidee to the side! Shaidee is super soft and flexible. Shaidee is better than a blanket because it allows airflow around you and baby. Putting a baby blanket over a sleeping baby who is against your body normally ends up with baby and/or wearer feeling hot and sweaty! Shaidee keeps baby nice and cool by keeping the sun off baby and allowing the air to flow around baby.


Shaidee is machine washable. In my opinion, this is a must for every baby item! I don’t know about you, but I for one have certainly, accidentally, dropped food on my sleeping baby. I love that Shaidee is easy to clean! Shaidee is also great in windy weather! Shaidee doesn’t blow or fall off!


You can purchase your Shaidee in white or black online for $39.99 with free shipping! If you hurry you can get your Shaidee for $25.99!

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