Seventeen Weeks Pregnant

Seventeen weeks! The weeks seem to be flying by now! 2 more weeks until we find out the sex of our baby. We are assuming she is a girl and I will be VERY surprised if she is really a he! My pelvic pain has gotten worse but I am starting to adjust my lifestyle to help ease the pain. No more lifting heavy things while going up and down stairs, no more sliding on the hardwood with my socks. Its the little things. Forgive my dirty mirror, it happens more often than I think! I am realizing I only have 3-4 long sleeve maternity shirts! I guess its time for more!


Big belly! Pelvic pain is a big symptom! I can feel baby move more and more. I felt some jabs and kicks! Not very often but I have felt them a few times! She moves like crazy!


Turkey sandwiches. And tuna sandwiches. Its all I want to eat!


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