Seven Weeks Pregnant

Seven weeks pregnant! So far I have not had any real symptoms. I have had 2 blood draws and know the pregnancy is progressing, but the symptoms are not here yet!This is a great thing! I am a little sleepy but am still able to stay up until midnight most nights. I am not nauseated (yet) and no real cravings. I know this wont last but I am enjoying it now!  I do feel a little bloated which is actually nice. I am now able to lay on my stomach comfortably! I haven’t been able to do that since I was pregnant with Baby Sister. So far so good. I know the uncomfortable time will come so I am trying to enjoy my days now!

Ha! I wrote that paragraph one night. The next day my nausea hit. 7 weeks and I am nauseated. With my last two pregnancies I did not have nausea until 8 weeks, boo for it starting early!

I did meet with a home birth midwife and am very excited to have this baby at home! Bunny is very excited to have a baby sister. She is adamant this is a sister and not a brother. We shall see!


Nausea. Sensitive body. I am protecting my stomach now even though babe is very safe.


Taco bell hard tacos. Crazy! I rarely ever eat fast food but lately all I want is greasy junk.


Smells. Cooking meat. I can not stand the scent of meat cooking right now! This makes it hard to make dinner. Dishes, but thats not a new aversion 🙂

What do you think?