Scalp Scrubbie Review

Has your infant every had cradle cap? Bunny sure did! Scalp Scrubbie is here to help gently and effectively get rid of cradle cap! With over 800 bristles on each brush, Scalp Scrubbie is very gentle on a newborns delicate skin. Scalp Scrubbie allows for an effective scrub without irritating the skin. Every Scalp Scrubbie is sterilized using the EO sterilization process and individually packaged to guarantee that each Scalp Scrubbie remains sterilized.. Scalp Scrubbie is latex free. Scalp Scrubbie also has a soft, dry foam sponge attached to it.


Scalp Scrubbie is very soft. The bristle side of Scalp Scrubbie feels gentle on my skin. Scalp Scrubbie is like a massage for my skin! Baby Sister seems to love Scalp Scrubbie as well. Baby Sister does not have cradle cap (at least not right now) but she seems to enjoy the feeling of Scalp Scrubbie on her head.

The sponge side of Scalp Scrubbie is soft and conforms to my hand when I use it. This feels very nice and leaves a gentle yet clean feeling on my skin. I love how soft and gentle Scalp Scrubbie’s sponge is. I am always afraid of rubbing Baby Sister’s skin too hard or too much with sponges, but with Scalp Scrubbie’s sponge I do not have that worry. Scalp Scrubbie is very soft and gentle on Baby Sister’s skin.

Not only is Scalp Scrubbie great for newborns, it is great for cancer patients, for cleaning your fingernails, cleaning your jewelry and even cleaning delicate vases or figurines! There are so many ways you can use your Scalp Scrubbie.


You can purchase Scalp Scrubbie online in a single pack for $2.49 or in a three pack for $6.99. Scalp Scrubbie comes in two colors, aqua and tangerine.



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