Savi Mom Lille Mini Dress and Nara Tunic Review

I have been breastfeeding for almost 5 years. With no breaks. Finding comfortable, stylish, long lasting nursing wear has been a passion of mine. I have been wearing this style of clothing for years. I am happy to say there are more options now than there were 5 years ago! One of my favorite breastfeeding apparel brands is Savi Mom. I reviewed this shirt a few years ago. It is still one of my favorite shirts. In fact, I now own that shirt in 4 different colors. I love it! The fit is perfect for baby wearing. The pockets on it hang right under the carrier and allow me to actually use my pockets! But I digress ­čÖé This review is on two new items from Savi Mom!

Savi Mom is constantly coming up with comfortable, fashionable nursing wear. One of my new favorite items from Savi Mom is the Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan. The Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan currently comes in two colors, burgundy and black. I have the black Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan. The Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan is long sleeves and has high/low hem. I absolutely LOVE my Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan. I often wear it with a nursing tank underneath. On colder days I wear my Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan on top of a shirt. I love that the Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan can dress up an outfit. I can wear it with a skirt to be fancy or with a pair of jeans to be casual.

The Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan is incredibly comfortable. The material is 95% rayon and 5% spandex. The material is warm but not too hot. I can wear it and stay warm as I go from the car to the store, to the car to my house. It is stretchy and soft.

The Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan is one of my breastfeeding wardrobe staples. I love that the Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan hides my post baby belly. I do see there is a decent amount of space and this piece will grow with me during my next pregnancy. I will be wearing my Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan for years! When I am done with pregnancies and breastfeeding I will still wear my Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan often. This is the perfect winter wardrobe essential!

My second favorite Savi Mom item is a dress. It is so hard to find cute, fashionable, comfortable breastfeeding dresses! I am so glad to have found this Savi Mom dress! The Lille Mini Dress is a two toned nursing dress. The Lili Mini Dress currently comes in three colors, grey and yellow, purple and turquoise, and black and pink. I love all three colors so much! I have the black and pink Lili Mini Dress.

The┬áLili Mini Dress is very comfortable. It is 95% rayon and 5% spandex. This makes it comfortable but not confining. The┬áLili Mini Dress has a tulip shaped skirt, which is perfect for breastfeeding. It does not scream, “I AM A BREASTFEEDING DRESS.”

The Lili Mini Dress is perfect for every occasion. I pair my Lili Mini Dress with leggings for a casual yet fashionable day of errands. For church I pair the Lili Mini Dress with stockings and heels. I love the way the Lili Mini Dress makes me look and feel. I love the silhouette the Lili Mini Dress provides. The Lili Mini Dress covers my post baby bump and makes my curves curvy and less boxy. The Lili Mini Dress is a must have breastfeeding dress. I want one in every color!

You can purchase your Nara Tunic Cross-Over Cardigan online for $57. You can purchase your Lili Mini Dress online for $49. You can follow Savi Mom on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.


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