Rumble Tuff Serene Express Duo Electric Breast Pump Review

Rumble Tuff Serene Express Duo Electric Breast Pump is one of my favorite pumps. Serene Express is a compact, lightweight double breast pump. Serene Express can fit in the palm of my hand and weighs in at 11 ounces. You can pump one breast at a time, or both breasts at once. Serene Express is a closed system breast pump which means there is a barrier between the tubing and the milk, ensuring milk never enters the tubing or the pump motor.

Serene Express comes with the pump motor, expression collection combo kit (includes 2 pump bodies, 2 bottles, two valves, 2 diaphragms), 2 bottle adapter kits, 2 spare valves and O rings, double vacuum tube with adapter, manual diaphragm kit, drying bag, plug in adapter, and a carrying bag. Serene Express can be used as a single or double electric pump as well as a single manual pump.

Serene Express has an LCD screen on the top of the pump motor. The LCD screen shows you the timer letting you know how long you have been pumping, the amount of power left in your batteries, if you are in Memory mode, what Expression mode you are in, and if you have an alarm set. Below the LCD screen is the vacuum adjusting wheel. To adjust the vacuum level you roll the wheel up to increase and down to decrease. Below the vacuum adjusting wheel is the Expression button, which allows you to enter and exit the Swift Expression. Below the Expression button is the M or Memory button. This button allows you to program your Serene Express to remember your preferred sequence of expression modes, giving you a personalized pump. Below the M button is the power button. This is the button you use to turn your Serene Express on and off.

Serene Express has three expression programs and 8 vacuum suction levels. You can adjust Serene Express to your specific need at any time of day or night. The first of the three expression modes is the Reflex expression mode. The Reflex Expression lasts for 15 seconds when you first turn the Serene Express on. The Reflex Expression imitates the relaxes of a hungry baby, with a stronger vacuum suction. The vacuum suction level is approximately 3kPa (22.5mmHg) higher then the Swift Expression setting and reduces by 0.25kPa (1.88mmHg) per cycle before transitioning to the Swift Expression at the 16th cycle.

The second expression program on the Serene Express is the Swift Expression mode. This expression mode imitates the fast and shallow nursing pattern which stimulates a letdown. You can enter and exit the Swift expression mode at any time by pressing the Expression button. I press this button after the first 15 seconds and tend to stay in this mode until I achieve a letdown. Some like to have multiple letdowns in a pumping session and this would be the button to press to achieve that.

The third expression program on the Serene Express is the Natural Expression mode. The Natural expression mode consists of long, deep suction patterns which mimic a baby’s natural suction while nursing. The Swift Expression mode is the mode I stay in for the duration of my pumping session.

To assemble your Serene Express you first need to put together the pump bodies. To do this you insert the valve in the bottom of the pump body, place the silicone diaphragm on the top of the pump body and place the cover on top of the silicone diaphragm. Next you need to screw on your bottle adapter and attache the bottle. Once you have done this, you are ready to attach the tubing. If you are pumping one breast at a time you only need one side of the tubing. Make sure to secure the white top on the open part of the tubing before pumping. If you are pumping both breasts at once simply attach the tubing to your pump bodies. Plug the tubing into the pump motor, plug the pump motor in and you are ready to go! Serene Express gives you the option to be plugged into a wall outlet or use batteries to pump on the go.

To start using your Serene Express simply press the power button.  The LCD display will show you how long it has been since you last pumped. The first 15 seconds of pumping are the Reflex Expression mode. After the Reflex Expression mode, Serene Express goes directly into the Natural Expression mode. If you would like the Serene Express to go to the Swift Expression mode, simply push the Swift Expression button. Once you are done with the Swift Expression mode, push the button once more and you are back in the Natural Expression mode. When you are done pumping, push the power button and the pump motor will turn off. The LCD screen will show you how long you were pumping before going blank.

The Serene Express has a few unique features. First, you can set the time on your Serene Express. This is great because once the time is set, you can set alarms to remind you to pump. To set the time on your Serene Express press and hold the M button for 3 seconds, which will take you into the clock setting mode. Once there you can use the vacuum adjustment wheel to change between AM/PM. Press the expression button once to change to the hour and use the vacuum adjustment sheet to change the hour. Press the expression button again to change to minutes and use the vacuum adjusting wheel to change the minute. Press the expression button once more to save your settings.

Serene Express also has a memory button, which will remember your unique pumping sequence. Using the memory button is simple. When you are done pumping, before you turn off your pump, press and hold the M button for 3 seconds. The M symbol will appear on the LCD screen, confirming Serene Express remembers your pumping preference. Turn off the pump. The next time you pump, turn your Serene Express on and press the M button. Serene Express will then go through your specific pumping sequence.

Serene Express is one of my favorite breast pumps. The suction is strong yet gentle. My pumping time with the Serene Express is 5-10 minutes. I can empty (or as empty as they will get) my breasts in that time with the Serene Express. This is great because, as all moms are, I am very busy. Taking 20 minutes to pump multiple times a day isn’t feasible for me. Sometimes I only have 5 minutes in between babies needing me. I feel like my 5 minutes is well spent with my Serene Express. I do not worry that I need to get back to my pump for another session immediately after I have left my Serene Express.

The Serene Express is not only a double electric breast pump, it is also a single manual pump. Using your Serene Express in the single manual pump mode is easy! Instead of inserting the silicone diaphragm, you insert the manual pump diaphragm, insert the valve as normal, attach the bottle adapter and the bottle, and attach the handle to the top of the manual pump diaphragm. The Serene Express manual pump handle attaches easily to the diaphragm using the adjust valve. There are two notches where handle can attach to the adjust valve. The first notch is higher up and is the swift expression setting while the lower notch provides the natural expression setting. You can adjust the suction level by turning the stem on top of the adjust valve.

You can purchase your  Serene Express online for $189.99. Enter to win a Serene Express below!!

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  1. Awesome! I have been doing research on pumps because I got rid of mine after Will. Now I need one! I hadn’t heard of this brand, glad to hear you like it.

  2. I like that you can set alarms to remind yourself to pump. I had trouble remembering to pump the first time around. That would be great to help remind me this time around.

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