Red Raspberry Tea In Pregnancy

I love drinking tea, especially iced tea. I try to stick with only herbal teas. During my first pregnancy I was introduced to Red Raspberry Leaf tea. Red raspberry leaf tea has been said to help tone and strengthen the uterus. This can help decrease medical interventions including c sections. There is not much research on the benefits of red raspberry leaf tea. Since I love tea so much and it is said to be helpful, I decided to start drinking some during my second trimester of pregnancy.

When to start drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea is up to you. Some say during the first trimester, others say to wait until the second or third trimester. Because red raspberry leaf tea is supposed to tone and strengthen the uterus and may aid in contractions, if you are at a higher risk of miscarriage I would suggest waiting until late in the second trimester or early third trimester to start drinking it. I started drinking my red raspberry leaf tea sometime in my second trimester. I was not super concerned about drinking it daily at that time. Once I hit my third trimester I started drinking red raspberry leaf tea more often. I currently make two batches of tea at a time and drink it throughout the day. I am 36 weeks pregnant and drink 1-4 cups of red raspberry leaf tea a day. I enjoy the taste and it is a good way to up my water intake.

I purchased this ice tea pitcher to make large batches of Red Raspberry Leaf tea. This pitcher is very nice because it allows me to seep the tea in a large container without having to transfer it to another container once it is done. I simply put the red raspberry leaf tea inside the strainer and pour boiling water inside the pitcher. I like to let my Red Raspberry Leaf tea seep for 20-30 minutes. I like it to be a darker color. I fill the strainer full of red raspberry leaf tea and let it soak. I typically make 2 batches of this tea at a time. While I am waiting for the tea to seep I boil more water. Once the water is ready I pour the first pitcher full of red raspberry leaf tea into another container. I use the same tea in the strainer and pour more boiling water into the pitcher. I will let this batch sit for a bit longer, up to an hour. I have tried mixing honey in my hot pitcher of red raspberry leaf tea to help sweeten it up. I enjoy my tea with honey and without. I typically add honey to the first batch that is now in a second pitcher and leave the second batch of tea as it is. Once the tea has seeped long enough I unscrew the strainer, dump out the red raspberry leaf and put the lid back on. This is why I love this pitcher so much! It makes it easy to make a large batch of tea! It makes clean up a breeze and the entire thing is dishwasher safe! I put the pitcher of tea in the fridge and drink it throughout the next few days. I typically drink both batches of tea within 3-4 days. I drink it with ice and without. It has been in the fridge so it is nice and cold. Once I hit my last month I started adding in some Spoiled Mama Bottom of the Ninth Sippin’ Tea. This adds a little bit of flavor to the straight red raspberry leaf tea.

I purchased my pitcher, my Red Raspberry Leaf tea and Spoiled Mama Bottom of the Ninth Sippin’ Tea on Amazon. With free prime shipping I was able to start making my tea within a few days. The bag of Red Raspberry Leaf tea is a full pound, way too much for one person. You can save some for later or split it with a friend! The pitcher is $22 and the tea is $18 and spoiled mama tea is $21. If you do not have Amazon prime now is the perfect time to start a 30-Day Free Trial! During my last pregnancy I did a review on the Spoiled Mama Bottom of the Ninth Sippin’ Tea. You can read more about it here.

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