Real Kids Toddler Sunglasses Review

Sun protection is a very important thing in our house. I have fair skin and so does Bunny. We all know sunscreen in important, but did you know sunglasses are important as well? Children’s eyes are more sensitive to the sun than adults eyes. Real Kids Sunglasses provide a full spectrum UV protection. This means Real Kids Sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. All of Real Kids Sunglasses are made of optical grade polycarbonate material, which is very light weight.

Real Kids Sunglasses come in five different sizes. As Bunny is 2 years old, we are reviewing the 2+ toddler size. Bunny received the toddler explorer in pink. The toddler explorer has a wrap around frame which minimizes Bunnys exposure to peripheral light. The strap on the toddler explorers helps Bunny’s sunglasses to stay put. I really love the toddler explorer sunglasses. I have tried other wrap around sunglasses when Bunny was a baby. These sunglasses are far superior. There is no comparison! Real Kids Sunglasses have flex fit frame which is super soft, bendable and comfortable. The flex fit frames are made of rubber type material that bends and twists but does not loose its shape and are virtually unbreakable. My absolute favorite feature on the toddler explorer is the detachable band. I can detach the band from either side of the toddler explorer sunglasses. This makes it super easy to get a good fit on Bunny, and also allows us the option of Bunny wearing the toddler explorer sunglasses without the band once she outgrows it. The band also has an extremely easy to use adjuster which allows me to easily and painlessly adjust the band to fit Bunny perfectly. These are by far the best toddler sunglasses I have seen, felt and used.


Bunny was also able to try the Surf toddler sunglasses in neon pink. These are super cute and seem like they will fit for a while on Bunny. The surf toddler sunglasses may be a touch too big for Bunny just yet, but she will definitely grow into them. The toddler surf sunglasses also have the flex fit frame, which I absolutely love! I love the flex fit frame because it is comfortable and offers a great fit each time. I love that Bunny or I might step on these sunglasses and they won’t break like other sunglasses do. I love how the flex fit frame fits Bunny’s head. It does not squeeze her head and allows her to be comfortable while wearing the toddler surf sunglasses. The toddler surf sunglasses are super cute and cool. Bunny will be wearing these for years to come.


All styles of Real Kids toddler sunglasses are the flex fit frame as well as shatterproof lenses. All the toddler sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. All of the lenses are made of polycarbonate material which provides optical clarity and excellent impact resistance. Real Kids Sunglasses are designed to block peripheral light, further protecting our children’s eyes. All Real Kids Sunglasses are capable of accepting an Rx lens. If your child needs corrective lenses they can be fully protected in the sun. Real Kids Sunglasses are lead free with no bisphenol A and no phthalates. Real Kids Sunglasses is also FDA approved.

Bunny and I love her Real Kids Sunglasses. Seriously love them. I wish Real Kids Sunglasses made adult sunglasses. I love the feel and look of Real Kids Sunglasses. I love that Bunny’s eyes are protected both from UV rays and from her sunglasses shattering should there be a ball flying at her head. (Hey kids are kids!) Bunny is still rear facing and sometimes the sun is in her eyes. Bunny always makes sure she has her Real Kids Sunglasses in the car. They keep the sun out of her eyes!

Real Kids toddler Sunglasses are very affordable and stylish. You can buy Real Kids Sunglasses online. Real Kids Toddler Explorer sunglasses are $14.95 and Real Kids Toddler Surf sunglasses are $12.95.

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