Rachel’s Remedy Pain Relief for Breastfeeding Moms Review

Baby Sister is 8 months old and just got three more teeth. For the first time, and hopefully the last time, Baby Sister bit me while at the breast. She broke the skin and man did it hurt! Luckily I had just received Rachel’s Remedy which is pain relief for breastfeeding moms. Rachel’s Remedy is unique in that it can be used as a moist heat or moist cold therapy. More about pain relief on site: pain-relief-med.com

Rachel’s Remedy consists of a flaxseed filled pillow, a waterproof pouch and a removable organic cotton moist or dry layer. The flaxseed pillow can be frozen or heated up in the microwave. The waterproof pouch does not need to go in the freezer or the microwave, rather it keeps moisture off the flaxseed pillow. The removable organic cotton layer can be used wet or dry, hot or cold.


I prefer to use my Rachel’s Remedy with moist heat. To do this I remove the flaxseed pillow then put it in the microwave for 30 seconds. When it is warm I put the pillow inside the waterproof pouch and wet the removable organic cotton layer with warm water. Then I put the moistened organic cotton layer on the waterproof pouch. The warm flaxseed pillow keeps the warm moistened layer warm for about 20 minutes. You can use Rachel’s Remedy dry by following the steps above but do not wet the removable cotton layer.

flaxseed pillow, waterproof pouch, removable organic cotton moistening layer

Rachel’s Remedy can also be used cold. To do this you first place the flaxseed pillow in the freezer until it is cold. Then you insert it into the waterproof pouch. If you would like moist cold you can wet the removable organic cotton layer and get it wet with cold water then put it on top of the waterproof pouch. If you would like a dry cold you skip the wetting step.


Rachel’s Remedy has greatly helped my aching breast. I love that I can use Rachel’s Remedy while running errands or while chasing around my kiddos. Rachel’s Remedy fits securely in my bra and is a nice shape. The shape of Rachel’s Remedy makes it hard to see when wearing it. It is not obvious that I have something extra in my bra. I only noticed Rachel’s Remedy when I was wearing it because one breast felt a tad bigger than the other. I am completely comfortable wearing Rachel’s Remedy in public!

You do not want to wash the flaxseed pillow but you can wash the waterproof pouch and the reusable organic cotton layer. You can either hand wash them and lay them flat to dry or toss them in a lingerie bag and wash in the washing machine on delicate. You do need to air dry them, but this doesn’t take too long.

For those busy or working moms, Rachel’s Remedy has disposable moistening cloths. This is great if you don’t have time or space to wash and dry your moistening cloth but still want the effects of moist heat or cold.

left is disposable moistening cloth, right is reusable moistening cloth
left is disposable moistening cloth, right is reusable moistening cloth

Rachel’s Remedy is the only moist heat therapy I have seen that is portable. It does not drip, doesn’t get my clothes or bra wet. Rachel’s Remedy keeps the moist heat on the spot I need it most and not all over everywhere else. Moist heat is great for encouraging letdowns, helps with mastitis, clogged ducts, any aches and pains, cracked or sore nipples.

You can purchase Rachel’s Remedy Combo Pack, which includes 1 flaxseed pillow, 1 waterproof pouch, 1 removable organic moistening cloth and 12 disposable moistening cloths, online for $25.99. You can purchase more disposable moistening cloths as needed.

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