Primo LapBaby Review

Sometimes my baby wants to be held constantly. Especially when he is teething. This was not a problem with my first baby, because I was able to hold her all day, every day. With my third baby, however, holding him all day, every day is not always an option. With the Primo LapBaby, I am able to hold my sweet baby more often!

The LapBaby is a seating aid to keep baby safely in your lap while allowing you to be hands free. This means I can eat, sit at the table to color, do puzzles and play games with my older children. I can have my baby in my lap, safely and securely, without having to use my hands!

The LapBaby is meant for babies 3 months and up, as long as they have good head and neck control. If your baby does not yet have good head and neck control, please wait to use Primo LapBaby. The LapBaby is NOT a baby carrier. It looks similar to a baby carrier, but it is meant to be used ONLY when sitting down. Do NOT stand up with baby in the Primo LapBaby.

Primo LapBaby is very easy to use. There is a waist band for the parent, which is adjustable and fist most waist sizes. Once you strap it on, there is an outer strap for baby. This outer strap is adjustable as well. It has velcro and a buckle closure to ensure baby is safely secured. On the Primo LapBaby there is a pacifier or toy tether. No more picking up baby’s toy off the ground! The LapBaby also has a waterproof, washable, detachable drop cloth. This drop cloth is hidden inside a pocket and can be taken out when needed. The drop cloth lays on baby’s lap to keep their clothes and body from getting dirty. The drop cloth is detachable. You can easily wipe it off or rinse it off, reattach it and fold it back up.

I love using my Primo LapBaby while we eat. I use it at home and at restaurants. Sometimes my baby wants to eat, but also wants to be held. The Primo LapBaby allows him to do both. This also allows me to eat at the same time! Primo LapBaby is incredibly portable. It comes with a travel bag. I can throw this in my diaper bag, attach it to my stroller, or carry it easily from my car to the table.

Primo LapBaby is perfect for parents and/or children with disabilities. Primo LapBaby allows the caregiver to securely and safely hold the child. I have used my LapBaby with my 8 month old, my 2 1/2 year old and my 5 year old. They all fit inside the child belt.

You can purchase the Primo LapBaby online for $34.95. The LapBaby currently comes in one color, a slate gray.

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