Preggie App- Social Media for Mamas!

I recently became aware of an app for moms call Preggie. I am not a huge fan having a ton of apps on my phone. I use most of my free space on my phone for my photos and videos. I have had to cut down on my apps because they take up space. Having said that, I LOVE the Preggie app! What I really LOVE about Preggie is it is multiple apps in one! I can delete a few apps and have this one instead!

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Not only is Preggie a social  media app for moms, it also has access to other apps! Currently there is a pregnancy tracker inside Preggie and there are a few other, very exciting, apps that are merging with Preggie. I can’t say which apps just yet, but trust me, it is exciting! Preggie is different from other social media in that there are moderators on Preggie all the time. This means there will be no (or as little as possible) problems between users.


There are many different areas of Preggie. There is the main news feed which shows you everyone in your selected area. I have my area set to the entire USA. You can set it to the whole world, a country, a state or a city. You can connect with moms local to you or moms that have similar interests. There are different channels you can subscribe to such as trying to conceive, health and fitness, breastfeeding and more. There is something for everyone! I love that Preggie is for moms. You do not have to be afraid to post mom type questions, like “Did I just lose my mucus plug?!” We are all here to help each other!

Come join me on the Preggie App! Visit the Preggie App Website, their Facebook page, Twitter and of course, download the app!

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