Preggers Leggings with Support Band Review AND Giveaway

I am now in my eighth month of pregnancy and sometimes my belly feels huge! My legs and feet are also starting to feel huge and very tired. I have heard about compression garments and decided to give some a try. Preggers Leggings with support band are supportive leggings with a breathable, stretchy support band built in.


All Preggers Leggings are a gradient compression garment. Gradient compression is tightest at the ankle and the pressure gradually decreases up the garment. This helps to promote circulation, energize tired, achy legs, and help prevent and reduce swelling. Compression is recommended during pregnancy to help rejuvenate tired, achey legs. I definitely am in the tired, achey legs stage! When I wear my Preggers Leggings my legs feel much better. My feet don’t hurt at the end of the day like they normally do.


I love that Preggers Leggings also have a maternity support panel in them. I can wear Preggers Leggings and feel completely supported from my feet all the way to my belly. Putting on Preggers Leggings is a little different than putting on other leggings. First you reach your hand through the leggings and turn them almost all the way inside out. You then pull them on and up your legs making sure to smooth the leggings out as you put them on. You do this to make sure your leg is being compressed evenly and not all in one spot.


I love that Preggers Leggings are footless so I can dress down in flip flops or dress up for church. Preggers Leggings have a seamless look, which I love! One of the major downsides to maternity clothing is all the lines I eventually get as I get farther along in my pregnancy. I love that Preggers Leggings gives me a smooth sleek look.


Preggers Leggings‘ support band can be folded down to offer more support if needed. Preggers Leggings can also be used post partum. I remember with Bunny I was needing the support of my maternity clothes for a few weeks after I gave birth. Preggers Leggings will be a great way to support my after baby belly while giving me a smooth look until the after baby belly goes away.

You can buy Preggers Leggings online for $56.90. Preggers Leggings come in black, navy or coal. Preggers Leggings also offer light support leggings that come in many beautiful colors! I love all the options Preggers Leggings has.

Bunny was able to try SmartKnit kids seamless crew socks in pink. I love that these socks are seamless. I want a pair or two! Bunny loves how soft and stretchy they are. Bunny can put these socks on by herself and can take them off on her own. They are super soft and look extremely comfortable. With no defined heel, Bunny can put them on whichever way she wants and they fit perfectly!

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