Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate Review

We all want to eat healthy and have our children eat healthy as well. I know I want to teach Bunny this important life skill. Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate helps me teach Bunny what is the proper amount of each food to eat. Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate is a plate that is broken up into sections. Each section lists what food should go there and how much to serve of that specific food. Meat and beans is at the top with 1/2 cup serving, dairy is on the side with 1/4 cup serving, dip, sauces and dressing is in the middle (Bunny really appreciates this spot) with a 1 ounce serving, bread, rice and macaroni is on the side with 1/4 cup serving, and fruits and veggies is on the bottom with 1 cup serving.


 I personally love sectioned plates. Bunny has a few and I prefer them over plain plates. I love that Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate not only has sections, but Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate has what should go in that section as well as the serving size printed on the actual plate. This makes it easy to know, remember, and serve the right amount of each food. I do wish the fruits and veggies was two separate sections because we always have both fruits and vegetables with dinner. But the fruits and veggies section is large enough to put both a fruit and a vegetable together in that section.


Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate was designed with children ages 2 to 7 in mind, but is great for people of all ages. Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate is a great way to teach anyone what to eat and how much to eat. Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate comes in four great colors- blue, red, green and yellow.


If you have a child who is learning how and what to eat, this is a great plate for them. If you are wanting to eat healthier and don’t know where to start, this plate is great for you! Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate is NOT just for children. Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate is great for teenagers and adults. I have a friend who is trying to lose weight and part of that process is re learning healthy eating habits. She uses Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate to help her know what food to eat and how much of each food she should be eating.


Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate is a great way to help an obese child learn what and how much to eat. Each portion by itself may not seem like a lot of food, but all the portions together is a great amount of food. Look at how much food goes into each section of the Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate.



Bunny’s Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate is full! She has corn dogs on top in the meat section, yogurt on the side in the dairy section, ketchup in the sauces section, we cheated and put her broccoli in the beans, rice and macaroni section, and oranges in the fruit section. This is not the healthiest meal we eat, but with Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plates it is a very healthy meal!

Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate is easy to use, dishwasher safe, and made of BPA free plastic.

Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate makes it easy to know to feed your child, or yourself, and what amount of each food we should be eating. You can buy Portion Size Matters Kid’s Plate online for $4.95 a plate, a four pack for $12.95, a twelve pack for $39.99 or a 50 pack for $150.



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