PooPoose Diaper Changing Pad Review AND Giveaway – Making Diapering Easier and Faster

PooPoose is an innovative new diaper chaining pad that allows you to easily and quickly change baby’s diaper. What sets PooPoose apart from other diaper chaining pads is the unique washable and removable straps. The swaddle like velcro straps on PooPoose help calm baby as well as keep baby in place during a diaper change. PooPoose is made of high quality, contoured foam, providing loads of comfort for baby.  PooPoose is phthalate and chlorinated tris free and has a medical grade covering.


PooPoose is great for newborns, like Baby Sister, as well as toddlers, like Bunny. PooPoose is perfect for newborns because it cradles and comforts Baby Sister during diaper changes. I can secure the straps and know Baby Sister won’t feel alone and insecure, and I feel safe that she won’t start rolling away. PooPoose is great for wiggle Bunny because it allows me to easily and quickly change Bunny. I can strap Bunny into PooPoose and quickly change her diaper or her clothes.

front side without a cover
front side without a cover

PooPoose would have been very useful when Bunny was a little younger. I remember Bunny was squirmy and wiggly around 9 months. Around 12 months she absolutely did not want to stay still for a diaper change or to put clothes on. PooPoose will come in handy when Baby Sister is a little older. I remember My Love saying we needed straps on our chaining table so Bunny couldn’t wiggle away. PooPoose has solved that problem!

PooPoose is ready to use straight out of the box! There is no assembly required. PooPoose can be used as is, without a cover, or you can purchase a lovely, soft cover. PooPoose is easy to clean. I use baby wipes to clean my PooPoose. The covers are machine washable and come in pink, blue and white.

 To use PooPoose I simply place Baby Sister or Bunny on PooPoose and secure the strap. I quickly and easily change her diaper or clothes and pick up my sweet baby. Easy peasy!

You can purchase PooPoose online for $59.99. You can buy PooPoose changing pad covers online for $24.99 each. PooPoose chaining pad covers are available in blue, pink and white.


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