Pink Solution The Natural Way To Clean

I hate cleaning. Who doesn’t? The main reason I hate cleaning is the scent. You know what I am talking about. The gross chemical smell that is left in my house after I clean. I hate this scent even more now that I have children. I do not want them inhaling these chemicals, nor do I want these chemicals on my body while I clean. Luckily I found Pink Solution an all natural cleaning product. Pink Solution is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Pink Solution by Earthcare replaces almost all of the cleaners inside my house INCLUDING my laundry detergent! You can practically use this stuff anywhere, however, I know that sometimes there are pretty tough and long-standing stains and smells that are very hard to get rid of, if this is the case then I’d give it a go with this solution or contact professionals akin to the Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service Black Gold Carpet Cleaning to see how they can help you. There is only so much you can try but this is pretty high up on the ladder for great solutions!


Pink Solution is a natural enzyme cleaner. This means Pink Solution emulsifies dirt and grease. Pink Solution comes in a solid form. You mix it with water to activate the enzymes. There are a few different ways to mix Pink Solution, the light mix and the heavy mix. You can also use the Pink Solution paste for heavy duty projects. To make the light mix you add 1 tablespoon of Pink Solution with 1 gallon hot water. To make the heavy mix you add 2/3 cups Pink Solution with 1 gallon of hot water. To mix the Pink Solution you do need to heat it up, either on the stove or in the microwave. You do not want it to boil, you just want it to melt. Shake the melted Pink Solution and water together and you are ready to clean! Once Pink Solution has been melted and added to water it will remain in a liquid form. It is a thicker liquid like honey but it will not turn solid again. You can make smaller batches of the light and heavy mix as well. You can mix 700 ml of hot water with 2 tablespoons melted Pink Solution for a heavy mix or combine 700 ml of hot water with 1 teaspoon of Pink Solution. This is perfect for spray bottles of cleaning solution. I make up a spray bottle every month or so. The amount of Pink Solution it takes to make a cleaning solution is incredibly low. The average household can use a 5 liter bucket of Pink Solution for around 2 years! This bucket costs less than $50. That is crazy!

Besides saving money, Pink Solution is eco friendly. It is safe to use around pets and children. Pink Solution contains no harmful chemicals. You can inhale Pink Solution, eat it, and use it without any gloves on. I do not recommend eating it or inhaling it for fun, but it is nice to know if my kids happen to break into my locked cabinet and eat some of this stuff, they will be okay. You can even use it on your plants to remove aphids! There are so many uses for Pink Solution! I use my Pink Solution as my every day cleaner. I mix up a spray bottle about once a month and use it on everything. I spot clean the floor, the counters, kitchen table, everything. Pink Solution has no scent, which I love. I can clean without having the scent of cleaner in the house. This is super important to me because I am very sensitive to cleaning smells. They drive me crazy. I LOVE Pink Solution because of its lack of scent.

Another way I use Pink Solution is with my laundry. I use Pink Solution on my cloth diapers, my baby clothes and our clothes as well. It is so nice to have one laundry detergent that does it all! It is also nice that this laundry detergent does not cost an arm and a leg! To use Pink Solution as a laundry detergent I mix up some heavy mix and use 1 cup per load of laundry. If you have HE washing machines you only need half a cup.

one cup heavy mix for the laundry
one cup heavy mix for the laundry

Pink Solution can get out tough stains. As long as there are no permanent dyes in the stain, Pink Solution will get it out! Pink Solution even gets out gum! I spent so much time researching how to get gum out of clothes that I was incredibly excited to try this out. Bunny, my 3 1/2 year old, has a stuffed bunny she was given before she was born. She likes this bunny and one day decided to share her gum with bunny. This stuffed animal has had gum stuck in its fur for over 6 months. I tried to get the gum out. Then I washed it. It has been washed multiple times since then. I was resigned to never getting the gum out of the bunny’s fur. Hence my excitement at trying Pink Solution! There were two spots on the bunny. I ran them under water then applied Pink Solution paste full strength. I let it sit for about an hour, maybe a little more. I rubbed it with a comb and was completely amazed! The gum started coming out! I got ALL THE GUM OUT! The gum that had been in the stuffed animal for 6 MONTHS! I tossed bunny in the wash and she, almost, looks as good as new! My Bunny was less excited then I was, she did not care about the gum. This mama is happy and that is all that matters!



You can use Pink Solution on your shower, glass, mirrors, stainless steel, as windshield wiper fluid, anti fog, on your carpets and upholstery, in your steam cleaner, on your clothes, on your furnitures, your cars and boats, fireplaces, driveways, pressure washers, for gum and candle wax, as pet and livestock shampoo, in your pool and hot tub, on your plants, as jewelry cleaner, hand cleaner and more! Find out all the ways to use Pink Solution, and how, here.

You can purchase Pink Solution online. Pink Solution comes in a few sizes, 1 liter for $19.95, 2 liters for $29.95 and 5 liters for $49.95. These prices are in CAD. For those of us in the USA the prices are $15.60, $22.74 and $37.90. Even better!

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7 thoughts on “Pink Solution The Natural Way To Clean”

  1. This sounds like an amazing solution, especially if you’re sensitive to cleaning products that contains chemicals. I definitely prefer cleaners that are all natural.

    1. WARNING. Update: The company has recently confirmed they will be ADDING A PETROLEUM BASED FRAGRANCE to this product. Petrochemical fragrances are NOT natural, NOT safe!! …Babies & young children are especially vulnerable.

    1. Hi Laura i live in North vancouver,BC,Canada and you can get it at some london drugs and save on foods and costco

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