Personalized Piggy Banks Review

Piggy banks are a fun way to teach children about saving money. Personalized Piggy Banks are an even better way to get your child interested in saving their money. Personalized Piggy Banks specializes in piggy banks you can customize to your child! Personalized Piggy Banks has a wide variety of piggy banks including whale banks, elephant banks and more!


Bunny and Baby Sister received a Mini Whale bank. The Mini Whale banks are four inches tall and six inches long. You can customize your Mini Whale bank by adding your child’s name. The Mini Whale banks are perfect for little ones!


Bunny LOVES her Elephant Personalized Piggy Bank! The Elephant Piggy Bank comes in blue, pink, white, grey, purple, red or green. You can customize the dots and the flower colors as well. You can add crystals and a bow for an extra special touch. You can, of course, add your child’s name as well! This makes the Elephant Piggy Bank extra special and perfect for any child! Bunny loves to touch and hold her Elephant Piggy Bank. The Elephant Piggy Bank is the perfect gift for babies, toddlers, children, teens and adults! I love the cute bow on our Elephant Piggy Bank!

Baby Sister received a pink polka dot and flower Personalized Piggy Bank. This Personalized Piggy Bank has crystals and a bow on it as well as Baby Sister’s name. Don’t worry, the name is crystal clear in person 🙂

Personalized Piggy Banks have over 288 designs that you can customize. The base price of a Personalized Piggy Bank is $39.95. This includes the design and your child’s name. You can add crystals for $10 and, on some, a bow for $10. All Personalized Piggy Banks are 100% hand painted! Personalized Piggy Bank make a wonderful keepsake gift.

You can purchase your Mini Whale online for $12.99. You can purchase your Elephant Piggy Bank online for $39.95 and your Personalized Piggy Banks for $39.95.  Use discount code ABBW1516 to receive 20% off your order!

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