Pavilion Gifts Prima Ballerina Baby Girl Blanket, Headband and Barefoot Booties Review

Pavilion Gifts is an online gift store. They have so many wonderful gifts to choose from. With the holiday season upon us I love to do most of my gift buying online. If you have a baby girl to buy for, the Prima Ballerina line from Pavilion Gifts is a good place to start! The Prima Ballerina Baby items are adorable!


The Prima Ballerina Baby Blanket is a generous size at 30 inches wide and 40 long. On one side of the Prima Ballerina Baby Blanket is a beautiful and soft design of white, pink and gray. The fabric on this side is super soft and cuddly. On the other side of the Prima Ballerina Baby Blanket is a warm and snugly side of pink and white stripes. The Prima Ballerina Baby Blanket is perfect for a baby, toddler or a child! Baby Sister, 7 months old, loves snuggling her Prima Ballerina Baby Blanket. The side with the beautiful design is perfect for her to play with and explore. The pattern and different textures on this blanket offer lots of fun for the senses! Bunny, my almost 3 year old, loves wrapping up in the Prima Ballerina Baby Blanket. It is the perfect size to cuddle up with a good book.

I love the Prima Ballerina colors and design so much! I was so happy to receive a Prima Ballerina Headband. The Prima Ballerina Headband is also white, pink and gray. The Prima Ballerina Headband is stretchy and soft and fits both Baby Sister and Bunny. The color combination lets them wear it with just about any outfit!

No outfit is complete without shoes! The Prima Ballerina Barefoot Booties fit babies 6-18 months of age. The Prima Ballerina Barefoot Booties are super easy to put on and look so cute! To put them on you simply slip baby’s foot through the loops! They, of course, match the Prima Ballerina Headband. Baby Sister is too little for shoes just yet but the Prima Ballerina Barefoot Booties allow her to be stylish without compromising comfort.

All of the Prima Ballerina items from Pavilion Gifts come in very cute packaging. The headband and barefoot booties come in packaging that makes them look like cupcakes. Upon seeing these Bunny exclaimed, “OOO CUPCAKES!” She was only a little disappointed when she found out they were not edible 🙂 The Prima Ballerina Baby Blanket comes folded and tied with a lovely ribbon making it the perfect gift!



You can purchase your Prima Ballerina Baby Blanket online for $50, the Prima Ballerina Headband online for $8, and the Prima Ballerina Barefoot Booties for $9.

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