Padsicles DIY Recipe

Padsicles. What are they? Padsicles are frozen pads with a mixture of aloe vera gel and witch hazel smeared into them. Sounds a little weird but I have been assured they are a wonderful thing to have after giving birth. I never used any kind of padsicle after Bunny because Bunny was a c section. I had no pain in my lady parts. I was never given any iced pads at the hospital and never needed any at home. My friends who have had a vaginal birth have assured me these frozen pads will be my best friend. I was told I can buy some online or make some myself. Since I am in the nesting stage of pregnancy and want to be uber prepared for this baby, I opted to make them myself.


Padsicles are super easy to make and can be customized to your wants and needs. Since I have no idea what I will want or need, my recipe is pretty generic. What I used is ginormous overnight pads, alcohol free witch hazel (the one I purchased has some lavender and aloe in it), and aloe vera gel. I asked my midwife and my friends about the ingredients. Most witch hazel has 14% alcohol in it. Some people said the alcohol did not matter and others said NO WAY do you want the one with alcohol! I opted for no alcohol. šŸ™‚ The aloe vera gel that I used is one with lidocane in it, which is supposed to help numb the area. Some people told meĀ this was amazing, some people told me to get pure organic aloe gel, and some said it did not matter at all. Ā It is always nice not to have any yucky additives, but I wanted to make these ASAP (nesting much?!) and couldn’t wait until I had pure aloe vera gel, so I made mine with the aloe vera gel I had in the cupboard.


Here is my padsicle recipe:

2 tablespoons of witch hazel

1-2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

1 pad

I have also heard of some people putting lavender essential oil on their padsicles, but I am not too keen on this. I like that the witch hazel I am using has some lavender in it so I do not feel I need to add any more lavender essential oil. Remember, you can customize this to meet your needs and wants!

Note: do not remove the plastic backing on your padsicle. You want to save that until you actually use the padsicle. I started out measuring the aloe vera gel and witch hazel, but after a few padsicles I was able to eyeball it and skip the measuring. I added the witch hazel to the padsicle first, then the aloe vera gel. Then I smearedĀ the mixture into the padsicle with a spoon. I tried to concentrate on the area I figured would need the mixture the most, the middle of the padsicle. After the mixture was smearedĀ in, I folded the padsicle back up and put them all in a big zip lock bag to stick in the freezer. I can pull them out one at a time when I need them. I ended up making 15 and think I will make 15 more.


I decided to make some padsicles with organic aloe vera to see if that makes a difference. The organic aloe vera I chose is Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel ($19.99 on Amazon).


As you can see, Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel is clear and makes for a nicer looking padsicle. I made 15 organic padsicles.

I will definitely let you all know how these work when the time comes. If you made your own padsicles, what did your recipe look like? How many did you make?

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