Pacific Baby Bamboo Bowl and Thermal Baby Bottle Review AND Giveaway

I try to stay away from as many plastic bowls and plates for Bunny as possible. There are not a ton of alternative options. I was so excited to find Pacific Baby because of their wide range of baby and toddler products! Pacific Baby has two main categories they focus on, thermal baby bottles and natural bowls, plates and spoons.


Pacific Baby’s 3-in-One thermal baby bottle is a great alternative to plastic baby bottles. The 3-in-One thermal baby bottle is BPA, PVC and Phthalates free, and is vacuum insulated with 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel is also naturally resistant to bacteria, easy to clean, doesn’t scratch and retains a consistent temperature for longer periods of time than plastic. Stainless steel is a simple and clean material that does not contain a lot of chemicals, which makes it great for baby bottles and sippy cups. The 3-in-One thermal baby bottle stays hot or cold for up to ten hours for the 7 ounce bottle and for up to six hours for the 4 ounce bottle! This makes the 3-in-One thermal baby bottle perfect for traveling! The 3-in-One thermal baby bottle has a nice wide neck which I love. This makes it easy to fill and easy to clean. Another great feature is the 3-in-One thermal baby bottle is compatible with most wide neck teats. If your baby prefers a specific teat you can still use the 3-in-One thermal baby bottle! 3-in-One thermal baby bottle is also top rack dishwasher safe, which is a must for me. Once your little one is done with bottles, the 3-in-One thermal baby bottle transforms into a sippy cup! You can purchase a sippy spout, a straw top, or a drink top. I love products that grow with Bunny!

I love Pacific Baby’s Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowl. The Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowl is made from natural bamboo fibers and is mixed with other plant based elements including wheat and rice husks, corn starch and food grade color pigments. Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls are 100% plastic free, contain no BPA, PVS or Phthalates. Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls are biodegradable! It takes approximately one year for Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls to degrade once they are disposed of. Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls are 80% hand made, how awesome is that?! The average life of a Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowl is 2 years. After about 2 years water will work its way into the bamboo structure. To get the longest use out of Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls, hand washing is better than putting them in the dishwasher. Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls are top rack dishwasher safe. Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls do not stain with sauces, which is great. I don’t know how many plastic items we have that are stained red or orange. Yuck! Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls are not microwave safe. Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls are great for snack or already prepared food. I try not to use the microwave as much as possible, so this is not a big issue for me.

Pacific Baby’s Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls are ergonomically designed, which means they fit perfectly into my hand and in Bunny’s hands.  Bunny loves using her Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls. I love the vibrant colors and how beautiful they look. I also enjoy knowing Bunny’s snacks are not sitting in plastic. Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls are the perfect size for Bunny!


You can purchase Pacific Baby’s 3-in-One thermal baby bottle online for $28, and Pacific Baby’s Natural Ergonomic Weaning Bowls online for $4.50. Pacific Baby products are available at many different retailers. Find one online or near you here. You can also enter to win a set of 1 green and 1 cream natural ergonomic weaning bowls below!


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