Ouchies Endangered Species First Aid Kit Review

Ouchies is a fun adhesive bandage company. We are in the stage of childhood where scrapes and bandages are becoming normal. Bunny, 3 1/2 years old, has experienced a band aid and was none to pleased at the sting she received when it was removed. She did not want another band aid. Until we received our Ouchies Endangered Species First Aid Kit! The Endangered Species First Aid Kit is a 75 piece first aid kit that kids love!


Endangered Species First Aid Kit comes in a reusable, fun tin box similar in shape to a lunch box. Bunny LOVES all the animals on the tin! She wanted to dump out the first aid kit and take the tin for herself. I convinced her to let the tin house our first aid kit. Now every time we need a bandaid she is very pleased to reach for the Endangered Species First Aid Kit! Not only does the Endangered Species First Aid Kit look appealing, the bandaids are much more appealing as well! Ouchies bandaids are 100% latex free. Bunny and I both agree, Ouchies bandaids do not hurt very much, if at all, when removing them.

The Endangered Species First Aid Kit has so many different sizes of bandaids! Baby Sister, 17 months, had a finger poke blood draw and received a super tiny bandaid. Bunny was jealous and wanted one. Later that week Bunny cut her finger and when I looked in the Endangered Species First Aid Kit I found the super tiny bandaid! It was the perfect size to cover Bunny’s cut! She was pretty excited about it. The best part is, it did not hurt when it was time to remove it!

The Endangered Species First Aid Kit comes with every size of bandaid you could need! The bandaids are plain brown. This set includes 7 round spot bandages, 7 small strip bandages, 2 fingertip bandages, 2 large rectangle bandages, 21 large strip bandages, 21 medium strip bandages and 1 extra large strip bandage. Inside the Endangered Species First Aid Kit you will also find ten antiseptic wipes. Our wipes have a giraffe on them, which my girls love. There is also a self adhesive bandage roll, with a monkey sticker on it, and two single use instant cool packs, with a seal on them. I love that on the single use instant cool packs there are some facts about the Harp Seal. It is a nice little blurb I can read to my children when they are in need of the cool pack and it will help get their mind off their injury.

You can purchase your Endangered Species First Aid Kit online for $19.99.



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