Ouches Eco Wedge Crayons Review

Crayons. Every parent has a least one box of crayons. Bunny, 3 1/2 years old, loves coloring. So does Baby Sister, 17 months old. Baby Sister gets frustrated because the round pencil shape crayons fall out of her hands. I was excited to try Ouchies Eco Wedge Crayons because of their unique shape. I was hopeful the Eco Wedge Crayons would fit in Baby Sister’s hand easier and help her to happily color. I am thrilled to say they do! (I am thrilled because this gives me at least 10 minutes of quiet time when both girls are coloring!)


Eco Wedge Crayons are triangular in shape. They have 4 points on them which means there are 4 ways for Baby Sister to color. She can hold her Eco Wedge Crayons any way that feels right to her and still be able to color! There are 12 bright and colorful crayons in each pack. This means Baby Sister can color with our Eco Wedge Crayons and so can Bunny! Bunny loves that she can color a large space with the Eco Wedge Crayons. She can use any side to make a nice big colored in area. This is great for her backgrounds.

I love that Eco Wedge Crayons are 100% natural. I also love that they do not have any paper wrapping on them. No more tiny pieces of paper floating around my house! I also love that the Eco Wedge Crayons come in a circular container, with each crayon having its own space. This makes clean up easy. It is easy to put each crayon away and easy to see how many crayons are missing! The circular container is also great for Bunny to create the rainbow. She likes to put away our Eco Wedge Crayons in a specific order. Our Eco Wedge Crayons has helped her to learn the order of the colors of the rainbow.

You can purchase your Eco Wedge Crayons online for $19.99. Your Eco Wedge Crayons will last a long time, providing years of colorful play time!



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