Otteroo Review

Have you seen or heard about the Otteroo? Otteroo is a floatation device for babies ages 8 weeks and weighing 9 pounds all the way up to a 35 pound baby or toddler. At first glance the Otteroo looks a little different. Otteroo is floatation device that goes around baby’s neck. Otteroo is pretty common in other countries, and is gaining momentum here in the USA. Otteroo is made out of the highest grade toxin-free plastic, making it 100% safe for babies to lick, drool and slobber on.

in the package
in the package

Otteroo is designed to help babies enjoy water play before they are able to swim. When babies are in the womb they are submerged in fluid. Most babies really enjoy being in the water after they are born. Bunny LOVED, and still loves, playing in the water. In the summer time we can not get her out of the pool. Otteroo would have been a fantastic way to safely swim with Bunny in the water when she was smaller.

out of the package
out of the package

It is recommended to use your Otteroo in the bathtub first before moving baby to the pool. Babies should not be in pools until about 6 months old. Before then, Otteroo is a safe and fun way for baby to enjoy bath time. It is also recommended to use Otteroo in the bathtub at first because the bathtub is a familiar environment for most babies.

Otteroo does have mental, emotional and physical benefits for baby. When baby floats it allows baby to freely move their legs, arms and feet. Babies who can not move much on land are able to explore and exercise their little limbs while in the bath with Otteroo. Babies can gain a sense of independence and confidence while having fun and exploring their bathtub surroundings while using Otteroo.

Otteroo is very easy to use. You simply inflate the bottom chamber of the Otteroo first then inflate the top chamber. Easy peasy! When I first saw the Otteroo I was a little nervous about it going around Bunny’s neck. I also put it backwards the first time, oops! Bunny loves it and it doesn’t put any pressure on her neck. The inner chamber is not large enough to press on Bunny’s neck. It looks like the Otteroo is nice and comfortable for Bunny.

Our bathtub is too small for Bunny to float with the Otteroo, and it is too cold for the pool. I can’t test out the Otteroo in the water just yet, but will definitely do so once it is warmer. I have a feeling Bunny will be loving her Otteroo when summer time is here!


You can purchase your Otteroo online for $35. Now through April 30 you can use the discount code 25ALLABOUT2015 for 25% off!

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