Olives and Applesauce Baby Carrier Review

There are so many baby carriers out there. What sets the Olives and Applesauce baby carrier apart is you can use it from birth (8 pounds) up to 50 pounds. Depending on your child (most 3-4 year olds are way under 50 pounds) this means you can carry your newborn AND your child with the same carrier! You do not need to buy any special inserts or buy a whole new carrier for your toddler! LOVE! I use my Olives and Applesauce carrier with my 9 month old and my soon to be 3 year old.

What makes Olives and Applesauce so great? The options! I love how many options there are. Olives and Applesauce is truly the one baby carrier that fits everyones needs! I have just about every baby carrier you can imagine and LOVE my Olives and Applesauce most. My husband has claimed our Olives and Applesauce as his own. He wants nothing to do with any other carrier, Olives and Applesauce is the one for him!

With Olives and Applesauce there are 3 carrying positions, front carry (baby facing your body), back carry and side carry. You can do the front and side carry with a little baby up to a toddler. It is suggested to wait to do a back carry until baby can sit up unsupported.

One of the features I really love about the Olives and Applesauce baby carrier are the buckles. I love how the buckles adjust on both sides. All of the carriers I have used before, the buckle only adjusts on one side. Which is fine and great, as long as its on the side I like. 🙂 I was a little hesitant about the Olives and Applesauce buckles because they adjust both ways. But once I used it, I realized how incredibly convenient this is! I can pre tighten one side of the shoulder buckle before I use it and leave the other side loose. Then when I use my Olives and Applesauce carrier I only have to tighten it a bit, and it is always on the side I like to pull. When I am doing a front carry I like to pull downward on my buckle straps. I first tighten the upward pulling strap before I put my Olives and Applesauce on, then when it is on I only have to tighten the downward pulling strap. When I am doing a back carry I like to pull upward. This wouldn’t be possible if the buckles adjusted on one side and not both. Take a look at my video for this to make more sense.

Olives and Applesauce has 2 strap options, backpack or crossed, like an X. Both are safe, both are secure. How you wear them is up to you and what is most comfortable for you. The straps have 2 ways to tighten or adjust them. On each buckle there is the ability to tighten it. I like to have the top straps set to where I like them and to leave them there all the time. The bottom straps I like to loosen after I take the carrier off. This way when I put the carrier on, the straps are nice and loose and easy to tighten.


Each Olives and Applesauce carrier has a hood that can be folded into the carrier when its not being used. The hood also cinches allowing you to make it fit on your baby perfectly.

The very best thing about the Olives and Applesauce baby carrier is the infant insert. The infant insert is a part of the Olives and Applesauce carrier. There are 2 velcro levels on the infant insert. This allows you to have a customized fit for your baby each time. To use the infant insert you set down your Olives and Applesauce baby carrier with the print on the ground, undo the velcro, lay baby with their head and shoulders at the top of the carrier then secure the infant insert. You can secure the infant insert with velcro and with the 2 clasps at the top of the carrier near baby’s head. Now you are ready to put your Olives and Applesauce baby carrier on. To do this you pick up baby and the carrier together, put them against your body, secure one shoulder strap then secure the second shoulder strap. Then you hold baby’s feet and make sure they are in the proper position and secure your waist strap. Tighten your straps and you are ready to go!

To use the Olives and Applesauce baby carrier without the infant insert you simply secure the velcro, put the carrier on your body and secure the waist strap. You can either put your baby against your body now and then pull the back up and put the shoulder straps on, or you can put one shoulder strap on now, then put baby in and secure the second should strap after baby is inside the carrier. It is personal preference. I put my baby against my body and then pull up the carrier and put my shoulder straps on. The infant insert when not in use does not effect the function of the carrier. Both my 9 month old and my almost 3 year old are comfortable in our Olives and Applesauce baby carrier.

Olives and Applesauce baby carrier is also wonderful and unique in that the base is wide enough to allow for toddlers and children to be worn longer than with other baby carriers. A seat should be wide enough to support baby’s bum and legs from knee to knee. When toddlers get bigger most standard carriers are too small for them and they now need a new, bigger carrier. Not with Olives and Applesauce! The seat is wide enough to support a toddlers bum and legs and the back panel is tall enough to give a toddler adequate back support. For $150 you are getting a baby carrier WITH an infant insert that is big enough to allow you to carry a toddler too! You don’t have to buy any extra parts or carriers when you have an Olives and Applesauce carrier!

To use the Olives and Applesauce carrier in the side/hip carry position you first position the waits belt on your body with the label on your hip and secure the buckle. These directions are for baby sitting on your left hip. Put baby on your hip in the center of the carrier and pull the body of the carrier up over your child. Take the right shoulder strap and pull it over your right shoulder across your chest, bring it across your back and secure it into the left side buckle. Next, take your left shoulder strap across your back, around your waist on the front and secure the buckle on the right side. Tighten your straps. You can reverse the directions if you are sitting baby on your right hip.

Olives and Applesauce back panel is 19 inches tall from the waist band to the top of the shoulder strap, 15 inches wide and has 19 inch padded straps. Olives and Applesauce also has a removable back buckle that allows you to position it at the spot that is most comfortable for you. You can remove the back buckle when you are using the straps in the X position.

You can use the Olives and Applesauce carrier in the front position and back position with the straps in the backpack position or in the cross, or X position. It is all up to you and what feels most comfortable. I love how many options are available! Olives and Applesauce is completely customizable to you and your baby. Olives and Applesauce is definitely the only carrier you need from birth until your child is done wanting to be worn.

Olives and Applesauce carriers currently come in a few different patterns and solids with new ones being made all the time! We have the ‘Stash-tastic pattern. It is suggested to spot clean your Olives and Applesauce carrier, but if needed you can toss it into a pillow case and wash it in the washing machine. It is recommended to lay it flat to dry.

You can purchase your Olives and Applesauce baby carrier online for $149.99 or at a local store near you. You can search for a local store here.

I love that Olives and Applesauce carriers are designed and make in North America. The carriers are designed and shipped in Massachusetts and are sewn in two sew shops, one in the US and one in the Dominican Republic.

Check out my video below to see all the wonderful options!

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