Olie Minkey Review AND Giveaway!

The Olie Minkey is the ultimate, multifunctional winter gear for your child. Olie Minkey will replace your child’s hat, scarf and gloves completely. Olie Minkey does this by combining these three items into one. Now you, and your child, will never loose their mittens again! This is especially convenient for infants and toddlers. It is extremely difficult to put gloves or mittens on an infant or toddler, and even more difficult to keep them on! Then you have to search for them when your toddler inevitably pulls them off and tosses them wherever s/he feels like. Can you tell I have had this struggle before? 🙂



Bunny hates wearing a jacket. Absolutely hates it.  Jackets interfere with her dress, outfit, onsie, or shirt. How can she possibly show off her beautiful clothes if a jacket is covering it?! The Minkey is a nice compromise for me. (Keep in mind we live in a very mild climate with no snow and mild winters.) Bunny can wear her Minkey and still show off her clothing.


The Minkey is also great under a thicker jacket. When using the Minkey in combination with a jacket, you insure your baby’s head, ears, neck, and hands are covered. I don’t have to worry about a hat being lost. Or a scarf, or mittens. I don’t have to worry about Bunny taking off her hat or scarf or mittens when she is wearing the Minkey. I know she is warm and covered even when she doesn’t want to be. The Minkey is made of 100% fleece which makes it light and easy to wear under a jacket while keeping baby nice and warm. The Minkey is also machine washable and can go in the dryer, which makes it a practical item to complete your baby’s wardrobe. (Because there is nothing worse than having to dry clean children’s clothes!)


(Please excuse the blurry photos, trying to get Bunny to stay still is a challenge!)

The Minkey has has mittens that allow your child’s hands to be warm and skips the struggle of putting said mittens on. If your child doesn’t like mittens, like Bunny, the Minkey’s mittens easily fold over to allow your child’s hands to be free. When your child needs or wants their hands to be covered, it is simple and easy. There is no hassle of having to find mittens or struggle to put them on. The Minkey makes life easier for you and your child!

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Plus, Minkey comes in many adorable colors with accents. Bunny LOVES her purple Minkey with a super cute flower! Bunny really, really, REALLY loves this Minkey! Currently the Minkey comes in the original with no embellishments, the Dino Minkey, the Flower Minkey and the Minkey with ears! All are adorable!

You can buy the Minkey online for $19.99. If you buy your Minkey now through Cyber Monday you can get it for 30% off! I love a good deal and this is a GREAT deal!



Did you miss the black Friday and cyber Monday sale? You can enter to win your very own Olie!

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