Oemi Baby Parkside Diaper Bag Review

Newborns need to be changed regularly and if you’re out in public, you need to make sure you’re prepared for when this happens. This is where products like the Portable changing table from EliteBaby.us, diaper bags, and baby wipes come in. As long as you have all the right equipment, you’ll be able to change your baby with ease and keep them happy.

With this being said, finding the right diaper bag is always challenging. Especially when you want a functional diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag. Oemi Baby has a beautiful line of diaper bags that are 100% leather. We were able to try the Oemi Baby Parkside diaper bag.


The Parkside diaper bag is made of black leather. The Parkside diaper bag is beautiful! This bag does not scream diaper bag. In fact, this bag is so stylish I can see women without children buying it! The Parkside diaper bag will last for years to come. When my babies are no longer babies, my Parkside diaper bag will still be beautiful and useful.

The Parkside diaper bag has two exterior pockets on the ends which fit a water bottle, baby bottle or sippy cup perfectly. There are also six interior pockets. One pocket has a zipper, that is where I like to keep my personal items like a pen, make up, gum and other small items. On that same side there is a smaller pocket that has a snap on it. This is perfect for a change of clothes for my babies or my wallet. On the opposite side of the bag there are two smaller pockets. One is a bit smaller than the other. I like to put snacks in the smaller pocket and bibs or burp rags in the larger pocket. On either side inside the bag there are two pockets that are great for bottles or jars of baby food. I also like to put my sunglasses in one of these pockets.

The Parkside diaper bag comes with a really neat changing pad. This changing pad has a pocket at the bottom. This pocket is great for a diaper and wipes or a change of clothes. Talk about keeping your diapers and changing pad handy! I love this pocket! It makes it so easy to grab the changing pad knowing the diapers and wipes are right there with it!

The Parkside diaper bag has handles as well as a removable, adjustable shoulder strap. I personally like shoulder straps because typically the handles are not long enough to go over my shoulder and I need both my hands free. The handles on the Parkside diaper bag are nice and long, long enough to go over my shoulder. They are also made of good quality leather and are a nice thickness which means they don’t slide off my shoulder. I can chase after my babies without worrying about my diaper bag falling off my shoulder. LOVE this!

On the sides of the Parkside diaper bag there are two snaps. When I undo these snaps the opening of the diaper bag is enlarged. This is great for me as I love to put my life in my diaper bags.


The Parkside diaper bag also has metal feet on the bottom to keep it off the dirty floor. The metal on the Parkside diaper bag is sturdy. It does not feel flimsy at all. I love the two loops on the front and back for the shoulder strap. I can also attach my keys to these loops as well as hooks to keep my Parkside diaper bag on the stroller.

IMG_4985The Parkside diaper bag has a lot of space inside. If you are an over packer or have multiple kids, this is the bag for you. Things don’t get lost in this bag, the inside is nice and roomy and allows me to pack my items so they are easy to find. The Parkside diaper bag would be great as a purse when it is no longer needed as a diaper bag. I could easily fit an iPad in this bag. The Parkside diaper bag is beautiful and sophisticated enough to be a diaper bag and a purse. I can see my friend, who is a chic working mom, using this diaper bag and loving it! She wouldn’t need to grab a purse for work and a diaper bag for at home, the Parkside diaper bag is the one bag any mom needs!


You can purchase your Parkside diaper bag online for $295. Oemi Baby also has a few other amazingly beautiful 100% leather diaper bags. Some of them are drool worthy!


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