Nua Baby Cloth Nappies and Accessories Review

Nua Baby is an Irish cloth diaper, or nappy, company that is now available in the US! We were very excited to try out a few of Nua Baby’s products. We received the one size fits all cloth nappy, booster pads, wipes, and 2 sizes of wet bags.

The Nua Baby cloth nappy has a very neat overlapping soaker set. There are two inserts that are sewn into the nappy, one at the front and one at the back. They are only attached on the ends which allows you to customize the absorbency. For a girl you can fold the layers closer to the middle, for a boy closer to the front. If you have a heavy wetter and know where their urine typically goes you can focus the inserts on that area. If you need more absorbency you can add a booster pad. There is a pocket in the bottom of the Nua Baby cloth nappy which keeps the booster pad in place. Inside the pocket there is a snap so you always know your booster is right where it should be.

The Nua Baby cloth nappy has adjustable snaps which allow you to change the rise and fit of the nappy. You can use Nua Baby cloth nappies from birth. Nua Baby cloth nappies fit 6 1/2 pound babies up to 40 pounds. This means you never have to buy different size nappies!

To wash your Nua Baby cloth nappy you want to do a prewash with half the amount of detergent you normally would, then do a hot wash with the regular amount of detergent, then line dry or tumble dry low. Because the Nua Baby cloth nappy is an all in one you do not want to use high heat as it can damage the outer layer of the nappy.

Baby Sister, 19 months old, fits our Nua Baby nappy. I do not have to adjust the rise for her. I love that when our baby is born in May I will be able to use the same Nua Baby cloth nappy. I can have two in diapers and use the same diapers all the time. This makes it easier to do laundry and keep all the diapers together in one place.

I love that Nua Baby wipes are biodegradable. It is hard to find a good, thick wipe that is also biodegradable. Nua Baby wipes are made f rom soft corn fibres and are soft to the touch. You can use Nua Baby wipes as a baby wipe or as a cloth nappy liner. To use Nua Baby wipes as a wipe you simply spray with water and wipe where you need. To use Nua Baby wipes as liners you simply lay the liner on top of the soaker pad to catch solid waste. This makes clean up a breeze!

Nua baby has two sizes of wet bags. The larger bag, called the laundry bag, is 31cm by 31 cm by 9 cm. The laundry bag can hold up to ten dirty nappies and is great for keeping near the nappy changing station. For on the go Nua baby has a smaller wet bag, 21 cm by 15 cm by 9 cm, which can hold up to three dirty nappies. Nua wet bags are leak proof and keep everything wet inside and everything dry outside. We love to use our laundry bag for wet swimming suits and clothing. It is great to have in the diaper bag for accidents. I love that both bags have an inner pocket for the smaller items like liners or panties. Sometimes I am out and there is not a garbage can anywhere to be seen. I often toss our wipes inside the wet bag and by the time we are home mama is NOT digging those out! With this pocket I can easily put the dirty wipes inside the pocket and throw them away once we are near a garbage can. No more washing wipes or trying to find them in the messy wet bag!

The Amberley shoulder bag is an amazing diaper bag. The outside has a brown leather look and the inside is bright green! I love the green inside, it makes it incredibly easy to find things. Inside there are two insulated pockets perfect for bottles. The Amberley bag comes with a removable should strap and built in stroller clips. There are so many pockets there is space for everything! The interior lining zips out so I can easily clean it. I can shake out the crumbs! I LOVE this! I will definitely be using this bag for the new baby!
You can purchase your Nua baby items online. You can purchase Nua Cloth Nappy for $24 but right now it is on sale for $22. You can purchase the wet bag for $14.50, the Laundry bag for $19.50, the liners/wipes for $4.50, and the Amberley shoulder bag is $145 but is on sale for $130 right now!


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