Noobie Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are so much fun. You never know what you are going to get! I am the person who buys everything for everyone in our family. I love subscription boxes because everything inside is a surprise! Noobie Box is a subscription box service that is a little different than the rest. Noobie Box is not a monthly subscription, rather it is a set of four boxes sent out at specific times in your new baby’s life. Noobie Box has a pregnancy box, a box for 0+ months, a box for 4+ months, a box for 7+ months and a bog for 9+ months. These boxes are geared towards the specific milestones baby is achieving during that time. Each box comes with 5 or more full size products!

I received the Free Pregnancy Box, Noobie Eat (4+ months), Noobie Play (7+ months) and Noobie One (9+ months). The Noobie One is gender specific, but the other three boxes are gender neutral.

The Free Pregnancy Noobie Box is a box full of samples and information. Anyone can order a Free Pregnancy Noobie Box. You do have to pay $6.95 for shipping within the Continental United States. Inside of my Free Pregnancy Noobie Box was a fun informational booklet that tells you all about the items in the box. In addition to the items listed in the booklet there was also a full size Bella Bee Tummy Honey Butter. Samples and full size products do change, this may not be what is included in your box.

Inside my Noobie Eat Box are 7 full size products, 1 sample, 1 coupon and 1 information card. I love the Noobie Box information cards! This one has 10 tips on getting your baby started on solid foods. The 7 full size products inside my Noobie Eat Box are a set of Spun spoons, 2 Plum Organics packages of baby food, a set of 3 Green Sprouts snack cups, a Carters bib, a Baby Buds tooth brush and a sunny side up egg teether. I love how the teether is a food product! So cute! There is also a Sage Squeezies sample pouch and a Plum Organics coupon.


Inside my Noobie Play Box are 5 full size products and 1 information card. The information card has tips on how to play and engage your little one. This is super helpful for new parents. I remember wondering how to play with a baby and what was I supposed to be doing. This information card is cute and helpful. The 5 full size products are a plan toys butterfly mirror, a sassy peek a boo soft crinkly book, green spouts stacking cups, kido baby rattle cones and a lamaze wrist rattle.

Inside my Noobie One Box are 8 full size products and 1 information card. The information card is all about throwing your baby’s first birthday party. The Noobie One Box is a gender specific box. I have a boy and received a cute crown headband for him. I LOVE it. I really love the Noobie One Box. If I had to choose a favorite box, this would be it. The full size products are a crown, a bag of balloons, a 1 candle, a Beaba kid cook book, 1 highlights hello book and information on how to subscribe for more books (we LOVE these books), a pair of Duukies beach socks, a Viga baby puzzle and Plan Toys dino racer.

You can purchase the package of all four boxes for $99.95 or each individual box for $29.95. Shipping is free and there are no hidden costs! Noobie Box is also the perfect baby shower present! In my opinion the Noobie Box is definitely worth the cost. They make a great present but they are also the perfect present for yourself. Having a surprise is always a nice change from the daily routine with kids.


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