No (or Less) Mess Baby Bowl- Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl + Baby Spoon Review

Baby Sister has been wanting to feed herself for a while now. We do baby led weaning and because of this her only exposure to a spoon is when she feeds herself. Boy does she love to feed herself! You know what I don’t love? Cleaning up yogurt, applesauce or whatever was in her bowl off the floor. Baby Sister is getting good with a spoon but she sure loves to throw her bowls around. Because of this I started looking for a stay put suction cup bowl. I found the Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl + Baby Spoon and was so excited to test them out!

The Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl + Baby Spoon is a set and comes with a bamboo bowl and a bamboo baby spoon. The Avanchy Bamboo bowl is made out of bamboo and the suction cup is made out of silicone. The spoon is also made out of bamboo and has a soft silicone covering on the end. The silicone covering on the end of the spoon is removable for easy washing. Both of these products are hand wash only. I typically do not like to hand wash dishes but bamboo is the exception. I LOVE bamboo!

The Avanchy Bamboo bowl is gorgeous. I absolutely love it. The size is perfect for Baby Sister. She can easily see inside the bowl and can reach every bit of food inside the bowl. I have found that some other suction cup bowls have high sides and Baby Sister has a hard time eating with those. The Avanchy Bamboo bowl is just the right size. The suction cup on the Avanchy Bamboo works really well. To use the Avanchy Bamboo bowl all I have to do is firmly press the bowl and suction cup onto a flat surface, Baby Sister’s high chair tray. I can do this with food inside the bowl or suction the bowl to her tray and then add food. Either way works. Baby Sister has not been able to tug this bowl off her tray. Baby Sister started using the Avanchy Bamboo bowl when she was 9 months old and now she is just about 1 year old. When Baby Sister no longer needs the Avanchy Bamboo bowl to be stationary, which won’t happen for quite some time, I can simply remove the suction cup and now I have a regular bowl. This is nice because it extends the life of the bowl allowing it to be used with a toddler and a child. This is also nice because this means I can thoroughly clean the Avanchy Bamboo bowl and suction cup.

The Avanchy Bamboo spoon has a soft, removable silicone cover on the end. The silicone is gentle against baby’s teeth and mouth. You do not need to remove the silicone end after every feeding to wash it but it is recommended to remove and wash it a couple of times a month. To remove the silicone end simply pull it off. To wash all the pieces simply use a touch of dish soap and some hot water. Hand wash them then let them air dry or dry with a towel. It takes about a minute and is totally worth the time it takes to hand wash it.

TheAvanchy Bamboo bowl currently comes in 5 colors, blue, green, magenta, orange and yellow. You can purchase yourAvanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl + Baby Spoon online for $24.99. You can also purchase additional spoons and plates online as well. Purchase on Amazon and get free Prime shipping! (Current price of bowl and spoon is $19.99 on Amazon.)

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