Nineteen Weeks Pregnant

We find out this week if baby is a girl or a boy! I don’t have a feeling either way. Since we have two girls I am assuming this baby is a girl too. Bunny insists this baby is a girl as well. My Love and I have discussed girl names but not boy names! We shall find out soon! I am getting bigger every day. I have felt jabs and kicks. Daily now. I love it! This is my favorite part of being pregnant. Feeling baby kick and move, looking pregnant and still feeling pretty good. I can not believe we are almost half way through this pregnancy! I know this is when time will start passing quickly and before I know it I’ll be holding a little baby in my arms and miss being pregnant.


The pelvic pain is intense. I am in pain more often than not. But I know the pain will end the moment baby is here.


I am still loving turkey sandwiches. And anything someone else makes. I have no desire to cook.


Nothing really. The aversions are gone but the appetite has not come back in full force.

What do you think?