87 thoughts on “New Logo and Tula Giveaway!”

  1. I just got a cactus swaddle as a gift for my newbor. I’m loving everything cactus & this cactus Tula would be perfect! How neat is that!!

  2. We ordered a Tulasauras right before Christmas and it was stolen off our front steps. It remains my favorite print but there are so many beautiful ones!!

  3. Love the logo! I have a baby boy! Any Tula would be great. I’m short and handicap, so the Tula is a wonderful way for me to carry my baby! Thanks for the chance to win! Good luck everyone!!

  4. Thanks for an amazing opportunity!
    I have joined every raffle to win a Tula for one of my best friends who is a first time mom in the Philippines.
    Tula is costly even for mid income families back home (P 9,000- which is for some a whole months salary!) and I wished I had known about SSC when I had my first 3 kids. Late night dancing and singing my 4th to sleep made my life easier with the assistance of Tula, I want to share the Tula love and Tula convenience experience to my loved ones… so with that being said I hope I can win this one for her 🙂 Coast Twinkle for them so that even her hubby can carry Maja with confidence.

  5. Such a lovely logo! So hard to pick just one favorite. Archer, Forest House, and Betty do seem to be the ones I alway notice the most though. Thank you for an opportunity to win.

  6. I love the tula wraps! I saw a really pretty coral flower one at target! But I will probably pick something more gender neutral when I actually buy one! But Id love to win!!

  7. I’m not sure its still available, but i’ve been wanting a slow ride tula 🙂 hopefully my husband will wear it. or fawn 🙂

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