NEW Amazon Home Services!

Amazon has a very neat and handy new service, Amazon Home Services!

Amazon Home Services is an easy way to schedule and purchase a variety of home services. My absolute favorite is house cleaning! I have spent hours searching for and calling house cleaners. With Amazon Home Services the companies and services are easily accessable with prices spelled out clearly. Carpet cleaning, deep cleaning, move in or move out cleaning, window cleaning or everyday cleaning. There are so many options I love it! I want them all ha!

Amazon Home Services is not limited to house cleaning. Amazon Home Services also includes smart home services where they help set up your smart home, home theatre services, assembly services, home improvement services, yard and outdoor services, computer and electronic services and even business and commercial services! If you’re looking for some advice to improve your home in some way, here are the top ways to improve your home that you can read about on a lifestyle blog. It could literally be anything by the way! I told my fellow pregnant mamas in my class because I know how difficult it can be to carry out home improvement tasks for the new baby’s arrival, especially if you are on your own. One of them said she thought it was excellent and could’ve helped her back when got her Air Conditioning redone, but she had already found a electrician bentleigh
area to help her out!

If you need help painting, installing things, repairing your iPhone, assembling that new piece of furniture, car help, an electrician or plumber, Amazon Home Services has it all! I wish this service was available a few weeks ago when I was painting and cleaning out our old home! Oh how this pregnant mama could have used this!

Amazon Home Services is available in select areas, with more being added every day! There are pre packaged services with a set price or you can request a custom quote. The businesses are prescreened with a business background check as well as a criminal background check (they use something like this Arkansas background check information system so you can rest assured it’s legit). Every business has to be licensed and carry insurance.

Paying for Amazon Home Services‘s is easy! Amazon simply charges the card on your account. Easy as pie! Never pay an Amazon Home Services rep directly as Amazon takes care of that.

You can find out more about Amazon Home Services HERE

Try Amazon Home Services today!

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  1. Do not use Amazon Home services! They did not honor the services even closely. When I contacted both the company they contracted with and Amazon no one would make it right. BEWARE!

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