Nellie’s All Natural All Purpose Cleaner,Shower & Bath Cleaner, and Toilet Bowl Cleaner Review A Natural Way to Clean

Nellie’s All Natural is a product line of natural cleaning products. All of Nellie’s Naturals products are biodegradable, Non Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Gluten Free, have no SLS or SLES, No GMO’s, Chlorine Free, Phosphate Free, are Septic Safe, No animal testing (Leaping Bunny Certified), Dye free, Non toxic, Paraben Free, Formaldehyde Free, Ammonia Free.

I love Nellie’s All Purpose Cleaner because I can safely use it around my children. My children have a snack table and a craft table. I like to use natural products in all aspects of cleaning my house, but especially when it comes to my little ones tables. Nellie’s All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect cleaner for their tables.


Nellie’s All Purpose Cleaner has a wonderful scent! I hate the chemical scent most cleaners have. Nellie’s All Purpose Cleaner has a nice and refreshing lemongrass scent. I actually want to clean more because I love this scent so much!

Did you know your household cleaners can negatively effect your health? Find out more here. This is another reason I love Nellie’s All Purpose Cleaner so much. It is free of all the yucky chemicals that most other cleaners have.

Nellie’s All Natural has another cleaning product I love. Nellie’s Shower and Bath Cleaner. I hate cleaning my shower. Again, the chemical scent most cleaners have makes me so instead of having a clean bleach-y smelling shower I have a dirty one. Until now! Nellie’s Shower and Bath Cleaner has the wonderful lemongrass scent, making me want to keep cleaning! My shower has never been this clean before! Nellie’s Shower and Bath Cleaner does not have all the harsh chemicals but it does get the job done!


Nellie’s All Natural also has an amazing toilet bowl cleaner! Nellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner also has the wonderful lemongrass scent. I can clean my toilet bowl without having to open all the windows and shoo the kids out of the bathroom. With other toilet bowl cleaners I would make sure my kids were far away and the windows were open. Nellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner smells great and does not have any harsh chemicals. Nellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner does clean my toilet bowl! I love how easy Nellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner is to use! I squirt some on, let it sit for a few minutes then scrub it with a toilet bowl brush. I no longer have to worry about the harsh chemicals clinging to my toilet bowl brush. Nellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner makes my bathroom a much safer place for my children.


You can purchase your Nellie’s All Purpose Cleaner online for $9, Nellie’s Shower and Bath Cleaner online for $9, and Nellie’s Toilet Bowl Cleaner online for $9.


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  1. You are pointed the cleaning issue very well. I am also a wife and mother and always try to look after my family. I want to be a great housewife like you. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Natural things are always good. When nellies all product are natural then there is nothing to say about it, very nice writing. All children and their mothers should be good. thanks for shearing

  3. Your post is really great for knowing about shower cleaning. Your natural idea is very helpful and it’s all time good. I like your tip. Thank you for share a beautiful shower cleaning tip.

  4. Thanks for reviewing Nellie’s All Natural All Purpose Cleaner. I know that, Nellie’s products are all biodegradable and eco-friendly. Love that toilet bowl cleaner so much as a user. Keep sharing like this…:)

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