My Tot Clock Review A Toddler Bedtime Clock AND Giveaway!

Bunny has started waking up at a time I think is way too early. Bunny has also learned how to open doors. Oh joy. I was thrilled to be able to try My Tot Clock. My Tot Clock is a sleep aid, an alarm clock, nightlight and timer. My Tot Clock is meant for children 2 years and older. My Tot Clock can be plugged in or run off batteries. You can have batteries installed and use the power cord in case of a power outage.


The new and improved My Tot Clock has many wonderful features. The first, and main, feature is the colored light on the front of My Tot Clock. When My Tot Clock is blue, it is time to sleep. When My Tot Clock is yellow, it is time to wake up. My Tot Clock also has a a red light for time outs. My Tot Clock also has a green light for encouraging good activities like reading or cleaning your room. When My Tot Clock is light blue, it is nap time. The nap time feature can be set for any length of time.


My Tot Clock is customizable in that you can set the lights to illuminate at specific times. If your child’s bedtime is 7:30 pm, you simply set the “bedtime” clock to 7:30 pm. At 7:30 (or whatever time you have set bedtime for) My Tot Clock will turn blue. This means it is time to sleep. If your child’s wake up time is 7:30 AM, simply set the “wake up” time for 7:30 AM and My Tot Clock will turn yellow at that time. If you need your child to wake up at a certain time you can set the alarm clock as well. My Tot Clock stays blue all night long. My Tot Clock turns yellow/orange when it is time to wake up and stays this color for an hour.

My Tot Clock also has a nap time light, which is light blue. You can customize the nap time length to suit your child. I do not use this feature currently as I am napping with Bunny. 🙂 The light turns orange after the timer runs out.


The red, time out feature on My Tot Clock allows you to set a timer for a specified amount of time. A good rule of thumb is one minute per year. So a two year old would have a two minute time out. However long your timer is set for, that is up to you. To start the  “time out” timer you simply push the red button on top of My Tot Clock. The red light will not disappear until the time has run out. Your child can not make the red light go away. They have to wait it out.


The green, encouragement feature on My Tot Clock works the same as the red, time out feature. You can set the green light to be illuminated for a specified amount of time. To activate the green light you simply press the green button on top of My Tot Clock. This timer can not be turned off, the timer has to run out of time for the green light to turn off.

My Tot Clock also has a wonderful Tot Clock Treasures feature. This is a slot for special bedtime stories, lullabies and fun songs. My Tot Clock comes with one bedtime story and more are available for purchase. My Tot Clock also has a changeable faceplate. You can choose one your child loves!


My Tot Clock is very easy to set up. The faceplate comes off and reveals a very easy to program clock with many buttons. Don’t let all the buttons scare you! They are very self explanatory. It is VERY easy to set up My Tot Clock. To set the current time you simply push the Time Mode Button to cycle through the time related setups/lights. Once you are on the setup/light you would like, you simply push the hour and minute buttons until you reach the appropriate time. There is also a button that allows you to set the day of the week. This allows you to have different wake up or bedtimes for the weekdays and the weekends. You can also dim the lights to your desired preference.

Does My Tot Clock work? YES! Bunny will sit in her bed and wait for her My Tot Clock to change colors to orange/yellow. Sometimes Bunny wakes up hours early in the morning. She sits up, looks at her My Tot Clock and sees that it is blue. She will look at it for a few minutes, probably waiting for it to change to orange/yellow, then lays back down and goes to sleep. WIN! I also love how My Tot Clock has a digital and analog clock. This will help Bunny learn how to tell time.

You can buy My Tot Clock online for $49.95. You can also purchase additional faceplates online for $7.95. There are currently eight faceplates to choose from. You can also purchase Treasures in a two pack online for $14.95. Use discount code MomBlog10 for 10% off your order. Enter to win a My Tot Clock below!


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  1. I like that shows the time in 2 different formats. Learning to tell time isn’t easy, and I think this would help.

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