My Post Baby Body Does NOT Need To Be Fixed

My second baby is 14 months old. I still have a baby belly. I kept telling myself I would start to work out regularly soon. It took 9 months to gain the weight, it’ll take 9 months to lose it right? My diet is pretty healthy. I don’t eat fast food. I do enjoy ice cream, cookies and other treats. I make sure I (and my family) eat our fruits and veggies almost every day. I don’t drink soda, I mainly drink water with a glass of milk or two every day. If you looked at my lifestyle and told me to diet there would not be a whole lot you could throw out. There is no easy fix. Except exercising. But when you are a Mom, that is not easy.

I tried exercising. Before I got pregnant with my second, when Bunny, my 3 year old, was around a year old. I would do yoga and other workouts in my house. The end result would be my baby climbing all over me, me getting nothing productive done and I most definitely did NOT relax! I would get upset because I could not get an effective workout in. I know what you are thinking, join a gym! I am a stay at home mom. I stay at home so I do not have to put my baby in daycare so I can work out. That is my personal choice. Ask your husband to take her while you work out! Great idea! Except my husband is not always home before bedtime, and honestly, night time is the most stressful time for any mom. Dinner, dishes, bath, bed. There is so much to do and so little time!

I’ve tried to work out after having Baby Sister. I got a jogging stroller and put Bunny, now 2 1/2, on her strider bike. She is FAST on that thing! We got all bundled up and ready to go jogging. I started jogging and immediately heard, “MOMA STOP RUNNING FROM ME!!!!” Laughter ensued but jogging did not. Back to square one. I finally realized, I don’t care enough about working out to make it a priority. That is not me. I want to spend time with my babies. I want to spend time with my husband. I didn’t want to work out when my babies were asleep because that was my only “me” time or my only time to spend alone with my husband. I was not willing to give that time up.

There are moms who LOVE working out. That is their “me time” and that makes them happy. I am not one of them and that is OKAY!

post 2 babies

I am so tired of people, society and other moms trying to make moms feel bad about their baby belly. I have stopped caring. I do not feel bad. I housed, grew and birthed two amazing babies. I had grand plans to get back into shape, to be sexy, skinny and hot again. I had a flat belly before I had babies. Then I had a c-section and my belly is messed up. I have this fun (not), long incision across my abdomen. I am lucky it looks really good but it does cut my body in half. I do have more of a pouch because of my scar. Instead of hating it, I am trying to embrace it. My body looks like I carried a baby because I did! I had a baby cut out of me and now I carry that with me forever. My body has changed. I have changed. I don’t care about being skinny. I care about being healthy. I care about being sane. And trying to squeeze in a work out was making me crazy. I choose me, I choose my family. I do not choose to mash myself into the mold society makes for women. I am happy with my post baby body. I love my body and the power it has, to create a human being and to sustain that human for years after.

One day my babies will stop needing my attention as much. One day I will have, find or make the time to work out. One day it will be a priority. One day.

Until then, please don’t try to sell me your magic pill, drink or workout program. Let me love my body, stop telling me it needs to be fixed.  I do not want my pre-baby body back anymore than I want my pre-baby life back.

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6 thoughts on “My Post Baby Body Does NOT Need To Be Fixed”

  1. It’s too much pressure to for moms, as if we’re not already doing so much, we also have to tank all their judgments just because we don’t look like supermodels! I think enough is enough and that we should all be happy with our bodies.

  2. I love this post! People should definately start to accpet themselves and their “curves”. Well as long as those curves do not do damadge to their health.

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