My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Unicorn Review

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat is the best sound in the world! When I was pregnant I wanted to hear that sound over and over again. I was thrilled to find My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear. My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is the name of the company, but it is not just a bear! There are over forty different options of stuffed animals!

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is the perfect way to record and listen to your baby’s heartbeat for years to come. I have a recording of my 5 year old’s heart beat from my pregnancy. It is one of my most treasured recordings. I would love to have a cuddly animal to keep this recording safe, and now I do! We received the Vintage Unicorn.  My 5 year old and 2 year old are in love with unicorns, this was a big hit in our house. Each My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear has a stitched heart on one of their paws/hooves/hands. This is super cute and reminds you, and your children, which stuffed animal has the sound in it.

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is a stuffed animal that comes with a heart shaped recorder which is inserted into the Heartbeat bear. You can easily and clearly record your baby’s heartbeat and insert the heart into your Heartbeat bear. What is so wonderful about My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is you can record over and over again. Using the Baby’s Heartbeat Backup app, you can save your recording of your baby’s heartbeat. Once you have saved your recording you can record a new sound onto your heart. This could be the beating of your heart, your baby’s favorite song, a special phrase, anything! My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear grows with baby. I love to sing a bedtime song on My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear so my little one can hear it any time she needs. This is perfect for the middle of the night when my little one wakes up but can not fall back asleep. She can hear her favorite song as many times as she would like. My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear can record for up to 20 seconds. I can sing “You are my sunshine” in that amount of time.

Recording on My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is easy to do. First, make sure the switch is on the R. Next, make sure the microphone is near the sound. Then press the heart to start recording. When you are done, release the heart. Flip the switch to P, press the heart and hear your recording! If the heart was close enough to the sound you should be able to clearly hear the sound once the heart is inside the Heartbeat Bear.

Every Heartbeat Bear has a velcro opening on its back. This is where you insert the heart. Inside the velcro there is a pouch that opens to expose the stuffing of the Heartbeat Bear. Place the heart inside, close the pouch, tie the string and close the velcro. Now you can squeeze your Heartbeat Bear and hear your sound!

My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear‘s heart is battery operated. If the battery starts to get low you can replace it. You will always be able to hear your recording. This is where the back up comes in handy. If you ever lose your recording you can go to your app and get it back ASAP.

You can purchase your My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear online for $39.95. There are so many animals to choose from it is hard to decide on just one!


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