Muv Reis 2016 Stroller Review

The Muv Reis Stroller is a fun new stroller for 2016. There are so many great features I hardly know where to start! I really love that the Reis has the high end stroller feel but does not break the bank. I think all babies should ride in a stroller facing their parents until they are at least a year old. When Bunny, my 3 year old, rides in a stroller she still faces me. The Reis is a four wheeled stroller that comes with a removable seat which can forward face and parent face as well as a removable bassinet. You can purchase the Muv Kussen Car seat to turn this stroller into a travel system.


The Reis has four foam filled tires. The front tires can be locked into a non swivel position, but I prefer to use it in the swivel position. You can see the shocks which makes me think the ride feels smoother for baby, but this could just be an esthetically pleasing sight. The ride feels pretty nice to me and both of my children enjoyed it. The Reis was very easy to push, our 7 year old cousin was able to push it with ease. The handlebar on the Reis telescopes from 39 inches to 41 inches. To lengthen or shorten the handle bar you simply press on the grey button and push or pull. The handlebar has a leather feel to it and is nice to feel when pushing. It does not get sweaty or yucky to the touch.

The Reis under basket is one of my favorite features. The under basket is very large and can easily hold my massive diaper bags or a ton of stuff, whichever you prefer. The best part is on the front of the basket, under the handle bars is an insulated zipper compartment. This compartment is large enough to hold a packed lunch, snacks for the day, drinks and more! I really love this cooler! Reis makes it easy to take a walk to the park and have a picnic. I love that I can store my fruits and vegetables in this compartment and know they will not get bruised or beaten on our walk.

The Reis stroller comes with a seat and a bassinet. The bassinet can be used facing the parents. The bassinet can also be used as a stand alone bassinet when it is not on the stroller frame. The bassinet comes with a mattress pad and a cover. Before you use the bassinet you want to secure the frame inside the bassinet so it stays upright. The sun shade on the bassinet is large and adjustable. On the back of the sun shade there is a viewing window with mesh for you to check in on baby. This can also be opened to allow air circulation. On the front of the sun shade there is an extendable shade that almost completely covers the top of the bassinet so baby can be kept away from the outside world. This sun shade has mesh on the sides to allow for airflow. The bassinet itself also has mesh on the sides so baby doesn’t overheat. During the colder months you can use the foot muff on the bassinet to help keep the warmth in. The handle is adjustable and also allows you to carry the bassinet around should baby fall asleep in it. This bassinet also doubles as a regular bassinet, meaning you can skip buying a second bassinet!

The Reis stroller has a roomy seat that can face the parent or the outside world. It has a 5 point harness system that is easily adjusted. There are 3 slots for the harness to be adjusted. The lap belt is adjustable as well insuring you get a secure fit every time. The stroller seat can be used with newborns up to children that are 50 pounds. There are a few different recline levels so your baby is sure to find a comfortable angle. The seat does recline fully and the footrest does adjust as well. The footrest has a few different levels making it comfortable for babies, toddlers and children. Both my 1 year old and my 3 year old LOVE sitting in the Reis stroller.

The seat and the bassinet sit up pretty high on the Reis, which I love. Baby is closer to you and farther from the ground. To remove the seat or the bassinet you simply push both the white buttons on the side of the frame to release the seat or bassinet.

You can purchase the Kussen car seat separately to turn the Reis into a travel system. You do not need to buy any adapters, the car seat fits on the stroller perfectly.

Folding the Reis is fairly easy. I do not recommend folding with the bassinet attached but you can fold with the seat attached. It folds pretty compactly and fits in most cars. To fold the Reis you simply pull on two levers on either side of the handle bar then fold the frame in half. There is a clasp that keeps the stroller folded which allows you to carry it easily without it unfolding. To unfold the Reis stroller you undo the clasp and lift up the stroller. You can fold it with the seat on or without it.

The sunshade on the Reis stroller is very nice. At first glance it looks to be a normal size canopy but upon further inspection you see it can unzip to extend further! There are 6 windows on the canopy allowing you to see baby from all angles. My 1 year old loves for the sun to be shaded whereas my 3 year old prefers the sun shade to be shorter. I love that I can zip it to easily adjust the sun shade to whatever length I need it to be.

The brake on the Reis is easy to use. Push it down to engage the break and push it up to disengage the break. I can do this easily with my bare feet. When the break is engaged there is an indicator that turns red. When the break is disengaged the indicator turns green.


The Reis comes in two stroller frame colors, black or silver, and five canopy colors, green, black, red, blue and pink. The bassinet is black. You can purchase the Muv Reis Stroller & Bassinet online for $699.  You can buy the MUV REIS Travel System with Kussen Car Seat and Canopy in a bundle for $899.


My baby loves it!

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