MUV Kussen Car Seat Review AND GIVEAWAY

Finding the right infant car seat is a challenge. There are so many infant car seats out there, it is hard to choose just one! The Kussen by MUV is a new car seat that has some wonderful features.

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The Kussen can hold babies 5-32 pounds and up to 32 inches tall. My 14 month old still fits in the Kussen although I did not get any pictures, she doesn’t sit still for long. There are a few features on the Kussen that make it unique. The installation of the base of the Kussen is incredibly easy when using the latch system. To install the Kussen you first take off the latch protectors, position your Kussen base on your seat and push it into the seat. You do not have to tighten any straps, you do not have to find the latch connectors in the seat. This makes using the latch connectors easier than ever before. With other attachments I often have to search for my latch connectors in my actually car’s seat, hook the infant seat base to the latch and tighten it. You can change the recline on the Kussen base by pulling the lever inside the base while pushing the top of the base down. It is a little tricky and took a lot of muscle from me. You then lower the brace bar until the base is at the proper incline. You can install the Kussen with a lap belt. To do that you simply slide the lap belt into the grooves, buckle and tighten. Make sure the seat belt is tight enough after you adjust the recline level.


Another feature of the Kussen is the controlled motion base. This base is supposed to respond to force by rotating the car seat into a more upright position in the event of a crash. I can not attest to how well this works but if it works properly this is a wonderful feature!



Kussen comes with some very nice cushions that hold a small baby well. The padding comes off in pieces which means you can remove one piece or all of them depending on the size of your baby. My baby needed the side padding to be removed before she needed the bottom padding to be removed. It is be able to remove what is not needed and keep what is still usable. The headrest has 8 positions helping you to get the perfect fit for baby every time.

The shoulder straps are adjustable. There is a wheel in the back that you can move to slightly adjust the straps. If this does not adjust them as much as you need, you will need to re-thread the straps. This is a long and tedious process but most infant seats are like this. I do LOVE that the Kussen chest clip clearly states the correct position it should be in. This means there is no excuse as to why the chest clip is in the wrong position.


 The buckle on the Kussen is a puzzle buckle which  means the two pieces need to be inserted into each other and then buckled into the crotch buckle. This is sometimes difficult to do with a wiggly baby.

To adjust the harness/shoulder straps length you can loosen it by pushing a button under the padding and pulling on the straps. To tighten it you want to pull on the tail of the straps. You do need to lift up the flap near the crotch buckle to expose the button.

The carrying handle on the Kussen is ergonomically designed. It is pretty easy to carry, even with a baby in it. The car seat is easy to attach to the base once you know what you are doing. It did take me a few tries to get it right. To remove the car seat from the base you have to pull a lever in between the car seat and the seat that is attached to the car. This is unique to the Kussen. Most infant seats you pull a lever on the back of the car seat. This is pretty easy to do and removing the seat is a breeze. You can adjust the handle by pressing both grey buttons on either side of the seat.

The canopy on the Kussen is pretty neat! The inside is black and white lined. The contrasting colors are great for baby’s developing brain.


If you have the MUV Reis stroller you can attach your Kussen to it without purchasing any extra pieces. The Kussen snaps into the Reis. Now you have a travel system!

attaches to Reis stroller
attaches to Reis stroller

You can buy your Kussen online for $259.99. Kussen currently comes in black, pink, lime green and blue. The color difference is the insert padding, except on the blue, the canopy is blue as well. Enter to win a Kussen infant car seat below!



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25 thoughts on “MUV Kussen Car Seat Review AND GIVEAWAY”

  1. I really like the padding on the car seat and that you can remove them as baby grows! Also, I like the controlled motion base.

  2. My favorite feature is the infant inserts! Look like they are way more comfortable than other brands I have seen

  3. I love how the chest clip clearly marks the position it needs to be in. I am forever telling my husband to move it up on my older sons seat.

  4. I love the carrying handle and all of the safety features! 🙂 I also think the colors are beautiful!

  5. I really like how the car seat has those big cushions! Most infant car seats don’t seem to have cushions that look that comfortable.

  6. I love all the extra padding inserts. You don’t see that very often; baby spends so much time in the car seat so I love that they took comfort as well as safety into consideration.

  7. I love how easy it is to install the Kussen base, and the controlled motion feature sounds awesome! The striped canopy looks great, too!

  8. Do you know more about actual crash testing? I have not been able to find this car seat listed anywhere from CR to NHTSA? Thank you!!

  9. The stapes seems to be too short I adjusted them but still not long enough is anyone having the same issue?

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