Munchie Mug Review- The Ultimate Snack Cup!

Snack cups are a must. Kids want to eat. ALL. THE. TIME. It does not matter if you are in the car, the grocery store, the bank, your house. Anywhere and everywhere is snack time! I need a snack cup that is easy for little ones to use but does not make a mess. Plastic bags are out because I don’t want to give an infant a plastic bag to play with! I have tried many a snack cups. The most widely known snack cup is one that has a rubber top with slits cup into it so baby can reach their hand in and grab out food without spilling. This is a problem for my kids because, 1. it does not stop spills darn you crumbs! 2. my kids hands get stuck more often than not and 3. my babies and toddlers HATE to stick their hands in there! It scares them, doesn’t feel good on their hands and more often than not I end up taking the lid off, defeating the purpose of the snack cup. ARG!

At the ABC Kid’s Expo last October I discovered the Munchie Mug. The Munchie Mug is a spill proof snack cup. When I say spill proof, I mean spill proof. There is no joking around about this. Crumbs do NOT come out of the Munchie Mug. What makes the Munchie Mug so different and effective is the opening. The spill proof lid on the Munchie Mug is made of fabric. Food safe, dishwasher safe, fast drying, easy to clean fabric. Seriously. Why has nobody heard about Munchie Mug?! Every parent or caregiver needs a billion Munchie Mugs in their life!

The Munchie Mug comes in 2 different sizes, 12 ounce and 16 ounce. While that sounds like a lot of food, for a toddler or child, it is the perfect amount! Munchie Mug is made up of three parts, the spill proof lid, the stay fresh lid and the cup. The spill proof lid screws onto the cup so little hands can not “accidentally” take the lid off. Munchie Mug really is spill proof! The fabric on the lid overlaps a little bit to keep all the crumbs and food inside. The fabric is soft and stretchy. VERY easy and comfortable for little hands to reach into the Munchie Mug and grab some food. My hands fit inside the Munchie Mug as well! The stay fresh lid is meant to help keep food, well, fresh. Honestly though, the spill proof lid does a great job of keeping the food fresh, I have never truly needed to use the stay fresh lid. Since the spill proof lid actually is spill proof, you do not need to use the stay fresh lid together with the spill proof lid. If you take off the spill proof lid you can screw on the stay fresh lid and store for later use.

The cup on the Munchie Mug is see through, which is great. Both the kids and I can see how much food is left. We have used our Munchie Mugs for all sorts of snacks. Fruits, veggies, crackers, nuts, cheese. The list goes on and on. I love that I can toss our Munchie Mug into my diaper bag, literally toss it in, and know it will not spill. I definitely can NOT do that with our other snack cups! Munchie Mug has helped my diaper bag to be crumb free! When my kids have eaten all the food from their Munchie Mugs I often use it as a garbage can for all their random trash. I know I can stick things, sticky things, in the Munchie Mug without any spills. I can put their garbage, crumbs and leftovers in the Munchie Mug to keep my diaper bag clean and smelling fresh!

The spill proof lid on the Munchie Mug is not water proof. It does dry very fast, but don’t put wet items inside and expect Munchie Mug to keep the liquid in.

I love that Munchie Mug is dishwasher safe. All parts of it are dishwasher safe, especially the spill proof lid! I unscrew the lid and wash both the cup and the lid in my dishwasher. The Munchie Mug lid is dry by the time the dishwasher is done!

Munchie Mug currently comes in seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Munchie Mug currently has two cups available, the Munchie Mug logo and an ABC Munchie Mug.

You can buy your Munchie Mug online at with free prime shipping! The 12 ounce Munchie Mug is $16.99 and the 16 ounce is $17.99. While this may seem like a lot of money for a snack cup, Munchie Mug is the ONLY snack cup you will need! I have spent hundreds of dollars on snack cups that sit abandoned in my cupboard. Do yourself the favor and skip those guys. Go straight for the Munchie Mug and never look back!




3 thoughts on “Munchie Mug Review- The Ultimate Snack Cup!”

  1. First time here. Lovely header. Very creative. The mug is awesome. I wish we had that when my siblings were growing up. God knows I cleaned one too many times. It really is an awesome invention. It’s too bad the really good ones hardly get popular. Kudos on the review. Very in depth.

  2. This cup is awesome! I love the handles, because on cups without them they slips off little hands… Oh the spills!

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