Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump Review

The Motif Duo Double Electric Breast pump is a closed system double electric breast pump. The Motif Duo is portable, lightweight, compact and very easy to use.

The Motif Duo comes with a double electric breast pump, 24mm breast shields, 2 bottles, 2 nipples, two lids, two milk stoppers for the bottles, valves, tubing and a power adapter.

The Motif Duo can be used as a single breast pump or a double breast pump. It is very simple and easy to change it from single to double. On the bottom of the pump there are two holes. To use as a single pump you cover one of the holes with the cover then attach one of the tubes. To use as a double pump attach both tubes to both holes.

The Motif Duo has three modes. First is the massage mode, which stimulates the let down. This mode is quick to mimic baby’s nursing pattern. Once milk starts flowing, switch to the express mode. The expression mode is what you will use for the majority of the pumping session. The third mode is memory mode, which allows you to set a pattern, plug your pump in and let it go! During memory mode you do not need to switch between massage and express, your memory mode will do it for you! There are 10 expression and 10 massage levels, allowing a customized pump for everyone.

Expression mode has the hand in a circle.

The Motif Duo has some wonderful features. The LCD screen is backlit which makes it easy to see during the day and at night. There is a timer on the screen which allows you to see how long you have been pumping. After 30 minutes the Motif Duo will automatically turn off. On the screen you can see your battery level. The Motif Duo can be plugged in to charge. Once the Motif Duo is charged it lasts up to two and a half hours. This means I can take my Motif Duo with me on the go!

The Motif Duo is very lightweight. It fits in the palm of my hand. I can easily carry this in a purse, diaper bag or a pump bag. It is very lightweight and compact.

Assembling the Motif Duo is very easy. First you take the flange and insert it into the base. Next you take the valve and insert it in the bottom of the base. Then you put the other valve inside the circles and twist them together. Attach the circles to the top of the base. The tubing attaches on the other side of the circles. The Motif Duo is a closed system breast pump. This means breast milk will never enter the tubing. This makes it sanitary and allows you to be able to use your Motif Duo for multiple children safely.

You can purchase your Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump online for $190. Motif Medical makes it easy to see if your insurance covers the Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump. On the right hand side of the screen click the button, “Insurance Lookup” to see if your insurance covers the Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump!

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