MommyBellyWrap, A Postpartum Belly Wrap Review

The postpartum time can be hard. When I gave birth to Fingerly I remember feeling empty in the middle part of my body. My once firm and round belly was now jello and empty. It was weird and hard to get used to. I have heard of postpartum belly wraps but had not tried any right after giving birth. Until now.

The MommyBellyWrap is a handmade belly wrap. I was sent two styles, the belt and the panty. Both wraps are made with 100% breathable cotton. Belly wraps can be worn the day you give birth. You never have to stop wearing them! A wrap helps speed up the healing and toning of your abdominal muscles and helps the skin bounce back. Since these are natural they are not dyed and are cream in color. (In the photos I am wearing leggings under my wraps so I am not naked 🙂 You would normally wear these directly against the skin.) I love that both the panty and the belt wrap comes in a nice little bag. This is perfect for storing them when they are not being used!

The MommyBellyWrap are wonderful for vaginal births as well as c sections. You can wear your MommyBellyWrap as often and as long as you would like. Some even sleep in them! The longer you use your MommyBellyWrap, the faster you will see results. The MommyBellyWrap can also help with back pain. You do not need to be immediately postpartum to use these wraps. There are many who purchase them weeks and months after having a baby. Each wrap has four velcro bands on them. You can get them as tight as you would like! I like to lay on the bed and have my husband wrap me. He can get it much tighter than I can on my own! When I do put them on by myself I like to lay down and secure the velcro. Then I stand up and tighten each velcro one at a time.

I tried both wraps and love them! I prefer the belt now that I am 9 weeks postpartum. The belt wrap is incredibly comfortable for me. I love to wear this around the house and when I go out. It is easy to get into. I feel like I fall out of it when I take it off. I immediately want to put it back on!

The panty was nice around week two. The panty MommyBellyWrap holds my bum too and gives it a little lift. The panty MommyBellyWrap holds the lower abdominal muscles more securely. I loved this around week two because my bleeding had subsided and I no longer had to wear my massive postpartum panties and pads. I don’t particularly enjoy the panty wrap now that I am farther out of the immediate postpartum time. It was great to have for those few weeks. The panty style is the most popular style! I happen to prefer the belt style.

When I first put on my MommyBellyWrap I must admit it was a little uncomfortable. After a minute it became incredibly comfortable and now I want to wear them 24/7. The feeling of being held securely, of having my guts pushed back into my body is AMAZING! I feel so wonderful when I wear my MommyBellyWrap. You can barely see the MommyBellyWrap under my clothes, if you can see it at all! This is a bonus because my stomach looks super flat when I use my MommyBellyWrap. Maybe this is how all those women who bounce back immediately after birth and return to a flat stomach do it! With the help of the MommyBellyWrap!

To find your size you measure yourself under your breast and under your belly. You can do this when you are 36 weeks  along or farther. There is a 60 day exchange policy. You do not want to measure too far ahead in case you need to exchange it for another size. I gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. It all comes off within the first few weeks, but those first few weeks it hangs on. If you are like me, I would suggest ordering a size up. I could barely get my velcro to touch in the first few days to a week. After a week or two I could tighten it more and more. There is a lot of space to tighten it so I would err on the side of caution and order larger instead of smaller.

The material is thick and supportive. It is breathable. I do not feel like I sweat more when wearing my MommyBellyWrap. I can sit, lay down and go about my day comfortably while wearing my MommyBellyWrap. I truly love the support I receive while wearing my MommyBellyWrap. Both wraps go from the bottom of my bra to the top of my panties, with the panty style going under and around my panties. I love that there are no compression lines while wearing my MommyBellyWrap. My entire core/mid section is held securely. This sets the MommyBellyWrap apart from other wraps.

You can purchase your MommyBellyWrap online. You can purchase a two pack which includes both the panty and belt style for $77.99. Or you can purchase them separately. The panty style wrap is $42.99 and the belt style wrap is $39.99.

What do you think?